Fountains Abbey – Summer

Summer 2019

Deer Watching
In June and July, see the beautiful summer coats of the Red, Fallow and Sika deer and spot the recently born fawns and calves.
In August, spot the stags and bucks resting before the exertion of the autumn rut with their fully grown antlers which have lost their velvet. Meanwhile, the growing young deer will be finding their feet and confidence.

Spot The Wildflower: 23rd July, 11am – 1pm
Sitting high above the garden the Banqueting House is hidden away in a secluded spot – perfect for wildflowers to thrive. Join our volunteer team to learn about the flowers that make their home there.
Meet at the Banqueting House (please follow the track and don’t walk across the wild flower meadow)

Make A Journey Stick: 23rd and 25th July, 11am – 3pm
Drop into Swanley Grange workshop for some crafty fun. Make your very own journey stick and decorate it with nature from around the estate as you go.

“It’s A Monk’s Life” Family Tour: 24th July, 7th and 21st August, 2 – 2.45pm
Pull on your monks robes before setting off on a journey around the monastic landscape to learn all about how the monks lived in the abbey’s heyday.

Pond Dipping: 26th July, 9th August and 23rd August, 11am – 3pm
Newts, water lice, water boatmen, molluscs, pea mussels…there’s an extraordinary world waiting to be discovered under the surface of the still ponds in the water garden. We’ll provide the nets, identification charts and the pots so you can see what you might find. Pop along to the water garden moon ponds to have a go at this drop-in session.

Fountains, Ripon HG4 3DY

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