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Baby & Toddler Classes & Groups on a Tuesday in York

Below is a full list of classes & groups for babies, toddlers and pre-school age children in York on a Tuesday.

Most of the classes below are pre-book and follow a structure (see individual listings for details) , if you’re looking for playgroups in York which are more informal and you can just turn up (like the ones in church halls etc) then check out the Playgroups Page Here.

If you know of any other classes or groups which are not already listed, then please contact us here.  For details of how to get your group listed  click here.

Agility Classes

5-11 years Ninja Obstacle Training – Great for beginners and younger children
Welcome to Ninja training.
Obstacle coaching combined with parkour style movements. A fun class that will have you swinging, climbing, leaping and jumping across different obstacles!

11-17 years Warrior Obstacle Training – more challenging obstacle techniques and parkour style movements
Warrior Obstacle Training is focused on advanced obstacle techniques and parkour style movements. In addition to the coaching we focus on developing core strength which is key to achieving the objectives of this programme.

More information, schedules and booking is here https://www.agilityparks.co.uk/kids-classes

We offer a range of parties from toddlers to children and teenagers. Agility Party Hosts will look after with most of our packages  you get you own disco party room or a party table reservation in our restaurant or café.

Visit the website HERE

💜  Check out the York Mumbler blog post for exclusive photos of when we visited Agility when it first opened! 💜


01904 948416
[email protected]
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Classes and live music events for you and your little people!

Here at Baby Band, we offer fun and educational classes full of music for little people, aged 3 months to 4 years, in and around York.

Led by our skilled and experienced class leaders, we sing, dance and play with REAL instruments to explore different musical concepts. Whatever your ability, it’s all about learning how to be musical with your little one and helping them develop a love of music in a relaxed atmosphere.

Don’t worry, you won’t be subjected to endless twee nursery rhymes here! Every few weeks we focus on a different genre of music from musicals to 90s pop, jazz to Disney classics, rock to girl bands. It’s much more fun when we all enjoy the music.

If your little one is feeling a bit cool for ‘Baby Band’ then why not join one of our ‘I’m with the Band’ classes. A music class aimed just for the big ones (well, 3 & 4 year olds!) which dives deeper into learning key musical terms and concepts but in the coolest way possible.

Classes run throughout the year including the school holidays where older siblings can join too for a small extra cost.

[email protected]
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Baby Sensory is an award-winning, sensory development programme specifically designed for babies from birth to 13 months. Each week is a different theme and full of fun, sensory experiences! We have a vast range of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, movement, baby signing and singing to help with baby’s brain development. We’ve done the research; so you can enjoy the fun…

For the youngest babies, birth to 3 months, we now have our signature Hello Baby class. Hello Baby is a lovely combination of baby massage, baby yoga and reflexology. Set in a calm environment, it also provides new parents space to explore techniques to support and soothe new babies.

Baby Sensory and the WOW Group are founding members of the Children’s Activities Association and are proud of our GOLD level accreditation. We take the safety and quality of our programmes seriously to ensure you get the BEST experience!

Baby Sensory is running classes in various locations around York:

Mondays – Clements Hall, York, YO23 1BW

Tuesdays and Wednesdays – Haxby Memorial Hall, Haxby, YO32 3HT

For your local class leader’s contact details and to book a class please visit our website:

[email protected]
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At Baby Swimmers we follow the Starfish Awards, so little ones can gain water confidence and build a foundation to swim unaided in the future. We play games and sing songs which are skill related and also teach water safety skills so they can learn to swim back to the side, hold on and climb out when they are strong enough.

Our structured classes work towards this and are also fantastic for bonding with your little one, as well as enjoying yourselves in a fun relaxed atmosphere, which we always ensure is at your little one’s own pace including underwater swims. Babies use their natural reflexes when they are in water, so it is always a good idea to start as soon as you can, as swimming is a great workout and helps to strengthen their muscles and also increases alertness.

For toddlers we follow the STA Stanley Awards, so again little ones can gain water confidence and build a foundation to swim unaided. For this age group we still sing songs and have fun with games and also start to teach the basic strokes, continuing with water safety skills and teaching your toddler to hold on, turn, then push off the side to swim to you independently. Classes will focus on floating, learning to tread water, rolling, push and glides, diving for sinkers and more.

Swimmers Academy is for our older swimmers where we focus on stroke technique and stamina, classes run for any age from Beginners and go through to Gold also incorporating Lifesaving Awards.
All teachers are fully qualified with specialist training for your little ones. Our classes are child led to ensure each child is taught and developed at their own pace.

We Swim at :

Monday, Tuesday : New Earswick
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: Roko
Saturday: Robert Wilkinson, Strensall, Stamford Bridge & Pocklington

0333 3355388
[email protected]
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Teaching children to swim confidently with excellent stroke techniques for nearly 40 years!

Coral started the swim school in the 1980s and for many years developed it based on the principles of teaching children to enjoy swimming and gain confidence in the water.

We continue to focus on creating a fun yet challenging environment, developing water confidence and getting the strokes correct as learners progress from absolute beginners through to the Gold Award & beyond; with distance and water skills & safety certificates achieved throughout their journey!

We have Adult & Baby/Toddler/Preschool sessions, and teach children independently from 3 years old. We move individuals up when they’re ready, we don’t make them wait for the end of term or until a whole class is ready to progress.

Our teachers are trained Aquaphobia Coaches too & provide extra support if fear/anxiety is identified, present &/or affecting development.

Our lessons, with a high teacher-pupil ratio, are delivered at:

New Earswick – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday:
3-4pm Adult & Baby/Toddler
4-6pm 3+ Children

Robert Wilkinson Primary (shallow pool), Strensall – Thursday & Friday:
4-6pm 3+ Independent & 1:1
*4pm Friday 2-4 year olds, with Adult

Our aim is to achieve consistent progress (at each child’s own speed rather than at the speed of the swim school) resulting in confident, capable, and safe swimmers.

07716 919827
[email protected]
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“I’ve found the yoga itself incredibly rewarding and relaxing – but mainly I’m so grateful for your kindness and humour which has fostered a really welcoming environment. Thank you so much.”

Hello! I’m Lucy, a yoga and movement teacher in York and Selby. I lead the pre- and post-natal yoga classes at the beautiful Stables Yoga Centre in York; a special time you can set aside each week to be yourself, and focus on you and your baby.

Our weekly classes offer:
– A warm, friendly space without expectation or judgement;
– Movement to help you feel comfortable, strong and flexible;
– Breathing techniques to feel centred, grounded and calm;
– Gentle meditation to help you feel confident and relaxed;
– A kind, mama-centred community, sharing experiences together;
– A place to ask questions, feel valued and supported during the transitions and transformations of mothering;
– A space to stretch out, set down your worries and breathe a little deeper.

I am passionate about creating classes that offer you a place to feel at ease, space to unplug from everyday demands, and tune in… to you. A place to stretch out, in every way.

You’d be so welcome to join us… you can try your first class for free!

Tuesdays, 7.30 – 9pm

Post Natal:
Mondays + Wednesdays, 11am – 12.30pm.

[email protected]
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Booking Site

MY BABY CAN DANCE/ NEWBORN CAN DANCE YORK is a multi award winning movement to music activity class which follows the development stages for the little ones.  Ideally suited from birth up to 4 years old, for children with additional needs there is no upper age limit.

We run weekly interactive fun classes combining movement, singing, musical shakers, numbers, colours, shapes, phonics and much more.

The sessions achieve a proven learning and development path for the little ones using a repeatable formal which increases learning and memory in a safe, caring, positive and informal environment.  The little ones can build their confidence, social skills and discipline all within the fun and fast paced sessions.

Classes run throughout school term times with payment being made in advance in half termly blocks.  Subject to availability people can join at any time and just pay for the weeks remaining in that current block.

For the time being social distancing will continue with individual sanitised kit bags for each participant.

For up to date class information contact me:-

07714 210814
[email protected]
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Are you looking for a class which is fun, upbeat and action-packed? Are you keen to give your child a good foundation in early literacy skills? Would you like to join a class that you can enjoy together with your child, whilst learning about phonics at the same time, and discover lots of ideas for ways that you can support them at home?

Come along to award-winning 45-minute classes aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers between 1-4 years, which are delivered by an experienced teacher and are based on the Early Years Curriculum.

Weekly sessions gently introduce letter sounds, whilst also focusing on developing confidence, turn-taking and listening skills. Classes help children develop an early interest in sounds without even realising, as they are too busy playing and having fun! This is the perfect class to help boost your child’s confidence, whilst compliment what they learn at preschool and prepare them for big school.

Come and groove on down to our dough-disco, shake your pom-poms and meet our mascot Robot Reg who shows children how to use his arms to orally blend and segment the sounds for reading and spelling!

MINIs sessions (1 – 2.5 year olds) are play-based sessions that help to develop speech & language skills and early vocabulary through short activities and role-playing, including nursery rhymes.
PRE-SCHOOLER sessions (2.5 – 4 year olds) include sound recognition and oral blending & segmenting, which are foundations for learning to read. This is through fast-paced, fun games and activities which encourage listening for sounds.

Monday afternoon @ Wigginton
Tuesday morning @ Clifton Moor
Thursday mornings @ Wigginton
Friday mornings @ Copmanthorpe

£6.50 per session and payable as a block of 5 sessions

Contact Sam for more information

[email protected]
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Puddle Ducks are award winning providers of swimming lessons to babies, toddlers, pre-school and school age children. Our classes are designed to promote bonding, water confidence and water safety in a fun and loving environment. We take your little ones through a structured programme designed to develop their natural affinity with the water and encourage them to learn to swim independently.

And although we have spent many years carefully developing our progressive lesson plans to develop swimmers, our teachers adapt every activity to suit each child. Our approach ensures that your child’s needs are expertly fulfilled – never forcing development, but rather nurturing it to ensure a positive experience and love of swimming.

Our baby and pre-school programme is offered through five levels:
Floaties (0-6 months), Splashers (6-15 months), Kickers (15 months – 2.5 years), Little Dippers (2-5 years) and Dippers (2-5 years)

We run classes 7 days a week at the following locations in and around York:
New Earswick, ROKO Health Club, Archbishop Holgate’s School,  The Crown Hotel (Boroughbridge), Energise hydrotherapy pool (Acomb), Queen Margaret’s School (Escrick) and Goosewood Holiday Park.

We also run Aquanatal classes, so you can start your journey with Puddle Ducks before your baby arrives!

07825 269146 (Monday to Friday 9am – 1pm)
[email protected]
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Come on a musical journey with our characters Rat-a-tat, Arabella and all their friends as we explore songs, instruments, language, dance and our senses in our weekly Rhythm Time sessions!

We are a teacher-led class for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, developing understanding of pulse in music, encouraging fine and gross motor skills, and leading you and your little one through a series of group and individual music activities!

Sessions are planned with education in mind, matching activities to the framework for the EYFS, and stimulating a LOVE of music in your child. Each 30 minute class is tailored to their specific age range and is designed for progression as your child grows.

Rhythm Time runs every day of the week all around York, giving families a chance to meet and socialise in their local community. In Summer 2024 we have classes in:

Acomb – Monday and Friday
Clifton – Tuesday
Tang Hall – Wednesday
Rufforth – Wednesday
Sutton upon Derwent (nr Elvington/ Wilberfoss) – Thursday
Earswick – Thursday
Fulford – Friday

Class prices start from £7.14 per class, with a whole host of other membership benefits including priority booking on events, unlimited classes, and sibling discounts.

If you are interested in joining our classes, please visit rhythmtime.net, follow @rhythmtimeyork on Facebook or Instagram, or WhatsApp Tori on 07751768331.

07751 768331
[email protected]
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Our fun, structured play sessions with engaging and energetic coaches support the children every step of the way whilst teaching them how to catch, pass, kick, run with the ball and play as part of a team.
Our motto is simple; “make it more fun”. We do this by delivering our specifically designed programme for each age group with energy, enthusiasm and excitement. This creates an atmosphere in the class that is totally unique and engaging for parents and children alike.

TuesdayPoppleton Centre10:00am Age 2 to 3.5, 10:40am Age 3.5 to 5

Friday:Haxby Memorial Hall10:00am Age 2 to 3.5, 10:40am Age 3.5 to 5

Saturday:The Mount School09:00am Age 2 – 3.5, 09:40am Age 3.5 – 5, 10:35am Age 5 – 7, 11:25am Age 2 – 3.5Joseph Rowntree School09:00am Age 2 to 3.5, 09:40am Age 3.5 to 5, 10:35am Age 5 to 7

SundayThe Mount School09:40am Age 3.5 – 5, 10:35am Age 2 – 3.5, 11:15am Age 5 – 7York Stadium Leisure Centre – Monks Cross 09:00am Age 2 to 3.5, 09:40am Age 3.5 to 5, 10:35am Age 5 to 7Pocklington School (The Old Station Building)09:00am Age 2 to 3.5, 09:40am Age 3.5 to 5, 10:35am Age 2 to 3.5

0345 313 6716
[email protected]
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What Would Your Baby Like To Say?

Babies use all kinds of signs and gestures as a natural part of learning to talk; think of the delight we have when they learn to point, wave or blow a kiss! Encouraging your baby with extra signs like ‘milk’, ‘more’, ‘change nappy’ or ‘tired’ will help your baby communicate more easily. Developed with the help of Speech and Language professionals, Sing and Sign Baby Signing classes utilise music and songs, props and rhymes in fun sessions that makes learning to baby sign both easy and fun!

Our courses are designed over three developmental stages that broadly equate to:

Sing and Sign Babes – 0-5m (5 week course – £37.50)
Stage 1: 6 – 13m (10 week course £75)
Stage 2 : 14– 24m (10 week course £75)

All courses enjoy class WhatsApps and Online Resources, too!

Have twins? They attend two-for-one!

Monday – Wilberfoss Community Centre – All Stages
Tuesday – Communitea, Selby – Babes + Stage 1
Wednesday – Belfrey Hall (York CC) – All Stages
Thursday – The Poppleton Centre – All Stages
Riccall Regen Centre – Babes and Stage 1
Friday – Acomb Methodist church – All Stages

Can’t make a Stage 1 or Stage 2 venue course? Why not sign up to our streamed video course, Sing and Sign@Home, which you can enjoy 24/7 from the comfort of your own home?!

07811 651720
[email protected]
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Booking link HERE!

The Little Gym York based in the York Community Stadium at Monks Cross is open Tuesday to Sunday during term-time, and Monday to Saturday during the Summer holidays.

*Under 3’s membership can enjoy unlimited classes each week for no extra cost.

We offer a 20% sibling discount if you have other children you wish to enrol!

Flexible block bookings are also available for under 3’s .

Attend our FREE coffee mornings with your baby aged 0-12 months on Tuesdays during term time. 10.45 – 12.30.

Our non-competitive gymnastics programs teach children that they don’t have to be the best, they just have to try their best! We provide children with a safe, clean, inspiring space to burn energy, build confidence, and develop key skills. We now offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes to 6-12-year-olds!

As well as our seriously fun classes, we’re open for party bookings and Ofsted registered holiday camps too! If you’d like to secure your membership, or have any questions, reach out to us by email at the address below, or register your details here:

Booking Form | The Little Gym York


01904 307404
[email protected]
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Class Schedule

Our progressive play programme is designed to develop your child’s physical skills. Using bespoke colourful equipment, we focus on agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination, which enhances brain development and builds confidence.

Every session is supervised by our specially trained staff, getting the best out of each child. Up until 3 years, grown-ups participate as well so that parents, carers and even grandparents can spend time with little ones as they develop. The journey begins for babies from 6 months old who can sit up unaided. Here’s how our classes break down:

6 Months – Walking: Babies explore the equipment in a happy and relaxed environment, helping them to reach key milestones such as crawling, cruising and walking.

Walking – 2 Years: Confidently walking toddlers are now introduced to an exciting circuit of equipment as well as hand-held co-ordination activities, developing their fine motor skills. ‘Circle Time’ helps language development through rhymes and action songs.

2 – 3 Years: Working together in small groups, little ones are introduced to stations with more challenging equipment to refine their agility, balance and climbing skills.

3 Years – School Age: Children now take part independently without their grown-up, putting into practice their skills for life.

Use Mumbler discount code to receive a £5 trial with this code : QPA549

[email protected]
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Exercise With Baby- Postnatal Fitness Classes

Pregnancy & childbirth are accompanied by some pretty significant changes in your body. The right exercises can help you heal and recover.

Designed to improve your strength, movement & flexibility , these classes are ideal for anyone looking for a safe, gentle and progressive reintroduction to exercise.

In addition, we will be covering pelvic floor exercises and diastasis recti (separated tummy muscles) all the things us new mums sometimes need some help with!

Even if you had your baby 3 years ago, this class is for you too!

Everyone attending the classes comes away with so much more than a workout. You will get:

~ Your own set of resistance bands
~ An ebook full of our workouts, plus some extras you can do at home
~ Support from myself between our sessions
~ A new group of mum friends
~ A cuppa after each session
~ Opportunity to join our FB group to help support and encourage each other

Tuesdays Term-time in 6 week blocks 10.30-11.30 at Crayke Sports Club

I look forward to meeting you and your babies

VMS Personal Training
Pre & Postnatal exercise specialist & Mum of four

07493 887505 / 01347 810472
[email protected]
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Heworth Gym Club is hugely popular in York for children’s Gymnastics

We are a charitable organisation focused on recreational gymnastics and trampolining for the ages of 2-18.

Classes run from a dedicated facility.

Our Pre School Classes run Monday – Friday during term time, with 5 classes running per day.

Boys and Girls plus trampoline classes are running too.

Many changes have been made due to Covid-19 – please see the website for all the details of this.

For further information please contact us.

The Gymnastics Centre, St. John’s Walk, Heworth, York, YO31 7SX


01904 611111
[email protected]
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York’s Award-Winning Stage School offering weekly Acting, Singing, Musical Theatre and Dance classes from our studios at Theatre@41, Monkgate.

Led by Principal, Nik Briggs, our tutors are all professionally trained and continue to work within the industry, meaning the training your child receives is up to date, relevant and of the highest standards. Alongside our Award-Winning Stage School classes we also offer LAMDA, Jazz, Ballet and Tap Dance classes.

Our structured and theme varying Baby and Toddler classes will immerse our youngest stars in a world of positive creativity that will help them develop the skills they need to truly rise.

We will introduce our Toddlers to the world of Ballet & Tap technique. starting off with Ballet before switching our shoes for the second half of the class, where we’ll be tapping our toes and immersing the children into a world of rhythm and sound.

This class instills technique in our young dancers in a fun environment. Focusing on Ballet and Musical Theatre dance technique, students will be introduced to the fundamental elements of these disciplines through a range of exciting and engaging activities.

[email protected]
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York Suzuki Early Childhood Education offers weekly music classes for children aged 0-3, with their caregiver. They are a chance to come together to celebrate the unlimited potential of every child. Our classes offer a calm, structured, nurturing space to engage with your little one through music.

The classes are run by trained SECE teacher, Laura Wingrove, who has over 10 years’ experience of teaching through the Suzuki method. Class sizes are small to allow each and every child to flourish and caregivers are supported at every stage of the journey. We use the beautiful SECE curriculum of nursery rhymes and action songs which is based on the teaching philosophy of renowned pedagogue Shinichi Suzuki. Although many musical concepts are mastered within the classes, it was not Suzuki’s primary aim to create master musicians, but rather ‘human beings with beautiful, harmonious minds and high sensitivity’. We believe that by using the highest quality musical instruments, children are given the earliest opportunity to appreciate beauty, to treat the instruments with respect, and to play them properly, creating a beautiful sound themselves.

Tuesday 9.45 – St Olave’s Church Hall, Marygate

Tuesday 11.00 – St Olave’s Church Hall, Marygate

Thursday 10.00 – Online, via Zoom

[email protected]
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York Swimming Academy is one of York’s leading swimming lesson providers and is dedicated to delivering high quality swimming lessons for great value.

Children can start in our ‘Discovery Ducklings’ Classes from new-born. Whilst those children aged 4yrs and over can begin in our first of seven progressive stages. We also provide 1-2-1 lessons, lessons for older children and even lessons for grown ups!

We implement Swim England’s Learn to Swim Framework, an all-inclusive programme designed to take the non-swimmer from his or her first splash to full competence in the pool. The framework has clear progressions between each stage and children are awarded a variety of certificates on their journey to becoming fully competent.

Our teachers are Swim England (ASA) qualified, and classes are limited to 8 children per class. Our beginner classes have 2 teachers, teaching from inside the water.

Spaces are available now for an immediate start at the following venues:

New Earswick Swimming Pool

Stamford Bridge Swimming Pool

Carr Junior School

Queen Margaret’s School, Escrick

Please get in touch to arrange your free taster lesson!

New Earswick Swimming Pool:
Monday 13:00 – 14:30 (Pre-School Lessons 0-4yr)
Wednesday 09:15 – 10:15 (Pre-School Lessons 0-4yr)
Thursday 16:00 – 18:00
Friday 15:30 – 16:00 (Pre-School Lessons 0-4yr)
Friday 16:00 – 16:30
Saturday 15:00 – 18:30
Sunday 10:00 – 11:30
Sunday 15:30 – 16:30

Stamford Bridge Swimming Pool:
Sunday 09:00 – 12:00

Carr Junior School:
Sunday 08:30 – 12:00

The Mount School:
Wednesday 18:00 – 19:30

Queen Margaret’s School, Escrick:
Tuesday 17:00 – 18.30
Friday 17:00 – 19:00
Saturday 9:00 – 10:30

01904 891 845
[email protected]
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Yorkshire Rose Academy of Dance (YRAD) was founded by Principal Kerry Whitfield in 2013, and her passion for the arts gives the students at YRAD an encouraging platform to be their best. Kerry is a former professional dancer who trained and works with both The Royal Ballet School and The Royal Academy of Dance.

The school offers a vast array of classes for children to learn and develop in the performing arts industry. Classes are fun, inclusive, inspirational and gives students a strong work ethic and discipline. YRAD has an enthusiastic and supportive team of skilled professionals at their core, plus they invite external pros for Workshops / Masterclasses throughout the year. Children have the opportunity to audition for our affiliated Children’s Talent agency giving them a chance to be cast in Theatre, TV and Film.

Dance styles include Acro, Ballet, Commercial, Contemporary, Modern, Musical Theatre, Street Dance, Tap and Zumba.

Mention Mumbler for a free trial.

[email protected]
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Aquastars Swim Academy Ltd

Structured fun swimming lessons, using toys, floats and games to teach water safety, self-rescue skills and developing all 4 strokes.

Baby and Preschool Swimming on Tuesday and Friday 10-11am and Saturday morning 8.30-11.30am.

School Age Beginners to Pre Competition Tuesday and Friday 4 – 6pm and Saturdays 8.30am – 11.30am

At Stamford Bridge Junior School, 5 Church Road, Stamford Bridge, YO41 1BP

T: 07854 20725211

Becky Ellerington – Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach & Women’s Coaching Specialist

I work with women through all chapters of their life, but in particular specialising in pregnancy & postpartum.

I run a postnatal course & classes (you can bring your baby), women’s strength classes, and also offer personal training & remote coaching.

Drop me a message or book a free discovery call through my website to find out more!

T: 07809441841

En Pointe Dance School

We teach dance to infants, children and adults with passion. We are renowned for our multi award winning classes in RAD Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Musical Theatre, Commercial Dance, Pointe Work etc.

Visit our website for more info.

Unit 2, The Rose Centre, York Business Park, York, YO26 6RU.

Happy Jays – Messy Play Sessions

For under 2s. Every Tuesday in termtime from 9.30 to 10.30am. Starts 20th February 2024. FREE! This is a drop-in session open to all children under 2 (you don’t have to be registered at Happy Jays nursery to access this session).

Happy Jays, Audax Close, York, North Yorkshire, YO30 4RA
T: 01904 479261

Jess Evans Baby Massage

Baby Massage Courses in Strensall

👶 5 ⭐ rated course
👶 Soothe + settle your baby, helping them to relax + sleep better.
👶 Relieve the symptoms of wind, colic, constipation + teething
👶 Meet other mums for a cuppa + chat
Just some of the many benefits!

“It’s the best class I’ve been to!” – Jen

Message/WhatsApp Jess to learn more: 07824 485845

Katie Ventress School of Dance

A small, friendly dance school for children from 18 months – teenagers. Classes: ISTD Ballet, Tap, Modern Theatre Dance and Musical Theatre.

Classes run Monday to Saturday. Get in touch for times.

Venues are: Tang Hall Community Centre, Millthorpe School, The Raylor Centre (James st).

T: 07919 008078 (Katie Ventress)


Bonjour! We offer fun French classes for children 0-11yrs. Our Award-Winning sessions are packed full of fun songs, games, stories & let’s pretend.

Monday Online After-School Clubs:
4.15pm – Reception & Key Stage 1 (4-7yrs)
5.00pm – Key Stage 2 (8-11yrs)

Curriculum lessons, school clubs and sessions for nurseries, small groups & 1-to-1 are also available.

T: 07815 765989 Helen

Mini Meet-Ups Stay & Play at En Pointe

FREE sessions for parents with 0-2 year olds.  Fun relaxed stay and play with free tea and coffee.
Runs Tuesdays in termtime – Morning session 9.30-11.30am, Afternoon session 12.15-2.15pm

Booking required. Email for more info!
Venue: En Pointe studios, Rose Avenue, York Business Park, Nether Poppleton YO26 6RU


Music with Cath Smithson

Learn through music. Sing, dance, play, move – mostly outdoors!
Nurturing, educational, fun-filled sessions for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school age children, led by an experienced teacher. Mixed ages welcome in family classes.

Private groups, 1:1 and workshops by arrangement eg Home Ed, Postnatal, Nursery, Preschool, Primary.

Find us on Facebook.

Message/WhatsApp Cath: 07982 607674

Rebalance Studios

Calling busy mums looking to improve their health, wellbeing and get fitter. We offer small, more personal Mummy Fitness and Postnatal Pilates classes. 45 minute classes where you bring your baby classes especially for mums and their little ones.

💜 Mention Mumbler for your first session free of our Mum & Baby/Toddler Sessions.

5 Devonshire Court, York, YO24 3HD

T: 07874 872722 (Lucy)

Song Box music groups

Musical play groups designed for babies, toddlers and talkers, with their parent/carers, all playing together each at their own level, enjoying and supporting each other as valued individuals.

Tuesday mornings at The Avenues Childrens Centre, Tang Hall YO31 0UT

Thursday mornings Knavesmire Childrens Centre, YO23 1HY

Advance booking is required. £5/family. £2.50/family for low income.

4G Song Box visits to care homes: free sessions sharing musical fun and friendship with the residents, for babies, toddlers and talkers with their parent/carer.

Find out what Mumbler Rachel thought of the Song Box carehome class, when she went along with her son Zak.

“Honestly, this class was one of the best and most rewarding one I’ve been to! They all sing songs, have musical instruments and the bond between the children and the older residents is the cutest thing ever.

Some of these people may not have any family that visits so the joy that this class brings them is just the best thing. Another lady who joined us in the class had a little baby who didn’t have any grandparents, so she said it was a lovely way for him to interact with older people and it’s like he now has many grandparents, so you can see how everyone gets something out of it.

I will definitely be back and I’d urge anyone who is free to try out this Free class, it’s honestly the best and so rewarding!”

4G Song Box care home visits are FREE but families need to join the pool of interested families in advance.

Story time and Rhymetimes at York’s Libraries

Explore York Libraries and Archives offer under 5 story times. There are free and on a drop-in basis. Find out the time and day of the week at your local library and all the up-to-date information here https://exploreyork.org.uk/children/storytimes/

For more details about the sessions and libraries below see our post HERE


Tiny Stompers

Baby Massage courses in the comfort of your own home or within hired venues. Advanced techniques included in every course.
Music and Movement classes for under 5s. Activities are aimed at 12 months+ but younger stompers are always welcome.
Timetables can be found on Tiny Stompers FB or Instagram page.

T: 07739 960910

Toddler Sense East York

Our award-winning toddler development classes will introduce your child to a galaxy of magical worlds. Each week has a unique theme, meticulously constructed to stimulate your child’s brain, co-ordination and physical development.

Tuesday – Low Catton Village Hall, Low Catton, Stamford Bridge
Thursdays – Dance Expression at Norton, Malton
Friday – Pocklington Cricket Club, Burnby Lane, Pocklington, YO42 1UJ

T: 07725 481334

Toddlers World Soft Play (Better Leisure Centres)

Situated within the Sports Hall at York Leisure Centre (Vangarde) and Burnholme Sports Centre, our Toddlers World is a fun and interactive play session for toddlers aged 6 months – up to 5 years.

Sessions are an hour long.

Vangarde: Mondays/Sundays 9am – 12pm, Wednesdays 9am – 3pm
Burnholme: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am – 12pm

Price per hour: from £4.80 (Vangarde) and £3.50 (Burnholme). Prebook via the Better app/website.
T: 01904 403900

Very Young Friends of Rowntrees Park (monthly group)

The 1st Tuesday of each month, 10-11am. Check our facebook page for more details.

A friendly relaxed group for children ages 1-5 and their parents/carers with a focus on nature, story and crafts. Places booked in advance : £2.50 per child members/£3 non members (accompanying adults included).

Meet At Squirrel Wood – map on our website.

Water babies

At Water Babies we are passionate about teaching you to teach your little one to swim, we offer classes across the city from birth to 6 years. Our teachers are the most highly qualified, passionate and committed in the business, you can be assured you are in safe hands.

York Steiner School: Parent and Child Groups

Daily Mon-Fri from 9.30-11.30am and a Wednesday session from 1.30-3.30pm.
Welcoming children up to 3 ½ and their families.  Enriching free play, seasonal crafts, puppet show/story and singing together in an all natural nurturing environment, supporting your child and you.
£9 per session – first session free!  Please book early as often oversubscribed.

The York Steiner School, Danesmead, Fulford Cross, Fulford, York, YO10 4PB
T: 01904 654983