Messy Beans

Come and join us for fun, messy and sensory sessions.
Messy beans provides messy and sensory experiences for 0-4 year olds. At each stay and play session there will be a variety of resources and activities for you to explore with your child. Messy play gives children the opportunity to explore objects and materials such as sand, water, pasta, gloop, and much more in an unrestricted way. There are no set rules or end product so the children are given open ended experiences.

Children learn through play. Messy play enhances many areas of children’s developments.
Both you and your child will get messy so please wear appropriate clothing. Warm water will be available towards the end. Please bring a towel and flannel/wipes.

Tuesday 10am till 11am
New Earswick Methodist Church Hall

Pay as you go £6 per session
5 sessions pre paid £27.50 (£5.50 per session)
10 sessions pre paid £50 (£5.00 per session)

01904 422457


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