London – Travel hints and tips

Try to use slings instead of prams and pushchairs

‘Might be worth borrowing a softer toddler carrier (like a Tula) from the sling library – more comfy.’

AG March 2017

‘As others have said, so much easier with a carrier’

LS March 2017


‘If you go by train loads of attractions are half price ie madam Tussauds etc if you use your train ticket.’

NP March 2017

‘Sign up to Virgin Train emails so you are notified when they do their cheap fares, you can save a fortune.’

KH March 2017

Useful apps

‘Theres a great free app called Citymapper which will get you from A to B by all modes of transport. Really easy to follow and often shows that walking and/or buses can be a better and more direct way of getting around than the tube.’

AP March 2017

Other useful tips

‘My mum’s a Londoner and gave me a fantastic tip to visit the big museums late in the afternoon when the school trips have all gone. We went to the Tower of London at 2ish and it was so quiet it was ace.’

CP March 2017

‘I try and use the buses if I have the pram as so much easier and can look out the window plus a lot cheaper. They are easier to use than you think.’

CP March 2017

Step free guide for London Transport –

‘My sister lives in London and runs a blog and site for things to do wth children in London’

KL March 2017

Prams and Pushchairs


‘I love our nuna one it’s amazing’

AG March 2017

‘We have the Phil and teds- borrowed a friends and she slept so well- quite cosy and dark – that we bought one. Got ours 2nd hand- think they’re quite a lot new.’

FB March 2017


Matilda the Musical – Hotel recommendations

‘We had 2 weeks in the Hilton Kensington Olympia on Kensington high street in the summer and they were amazing with my children and it was really close to everything!! Less than £10 in an uber to the palace/centre, I walked but it was a bit far for the kids. Also about 15 minute walk to the Princess Diana park in Kensington gardens’

LM March 2017

‘We stayed at the Radisson at seven dials. So near and it was great’

SA March 2017

‘We stayed at travel lodge Covent Garden. It’s walking distance to Matilda (we went & it was fab!) trafalgar sq, Buckingham palace etc all in walking distance too. I would def stay there again’

VW March 2017

‘Premier Inn Islington….One stop from Kings Cross, 2 minutes walk to Angel Islington tube. Surrounded by restaurants, bars and shops on Islington High Street.’

TS March 2017

‘Premier inn and holiday inns are great….usually kids breakfast is free and other meals too if adults eating. Also some have pools’

LK March 2017

 ‘Matilda is amazing!!!! We usually stay at the premier inn Kings Cross as its so handy for the train and leaving luggage etc on the last day. It’s just been done up too so the communal areas look swanky.’

NK 21.03.17

‘The Hoxton, its uber cool and great for tube etc. Shorditch or Holborn, both great, close to tubes and do great in a bag breakfast that is Enough to also take for snack, the chicken shop in the Holborn hotel is ace’

TS March 2017


London – Things to see and do

‘The Science Museum is good – there’s a section for under 5’s in the basement with a water tray, giant lego and some other bits and pieces.’

EM March 2017

‘The History Museum is great, we’re planning on going again in July, also Shrek World is supposed to be very good so thats on our list!’

JR March 2017

‘The Science Museum is just next to the natural history museum and has a great water play bit for little ones in the basement.’

AG March 2017

‘The Science museum is amazing for kids we ended up spending a good chunk of time there we could of been there all day down stairs theres a fun interactive play area.’

VM March 2017

‘The Science museum was good they did a bubble show for free at various points in the day we went there and she loved it! There was also a really good play park next to Buckingham palace (think it’s in St James Park).’

KB March 2017

‘You can do the NHM and the science museum in a day, the downstairs bit in the science museum is great for pre-school age. I would use the side door for the NHM, much shorter queue’

FN March 2017

‘My two loved NHM can easily spend a day there.’

NP March 2017

‘One good tip in walking distance of the museums is the amazing adventure playground in Kensington Gardens.’

AP March 2017

‘We did Shreks adventure on Thursday Defo recommend it mine loved it’

NL March 2017

‘Would recommend the transport museum at Covent Garden. My lb loved it.’

NM March 2017

‘A great Museum for the kids is the London transport museum in Covent Garden. Unfortunately not one of the free ones but the ticket can be used again for the next year, so a good reason to go back!’

ER March 2017

‘Sealife Centre’

JLA March 2017

‘When we eat the burrito bar at Kings Cross is amazing also Leon food is amazing too.’

NM March 2017

‘The south bank of the thames from Waterloo is completely pedestrianised and lots to see and do along the way, taking in some good sights (Eye, Parliament, festival Hall, St Paul’s, Tate Modern etc).’

AP March 2017

‘China town always a winner for tea but i have heard the rainforest cafe is ace although i haven’t been myself.’ 

CP March 2017