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Complementary Therapies

We’ve listed a range of complementary therapists who work in and around York. Treatments are a great way of looking after yourself which is so essential when you’re doing the important but exhausting job of parenting!

Do you want to take back control of your health?

Bespoke Botanicals is a herbal medicine practice and dispensary, providing tailor made, personalised herbal prescriptions alongside nutritional and lifestyle advice following a full consultation with a professionally qualified Medical Herbalist.  Unlike ‘off the shelf’ herbal remedies Bespoke Botanicals provides truly holistic healthcare, taking into account individual needs.

Bespoke Botanicals was founded in 2009 by Michaela Scott a qualified practicing medical herbalist and member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). Her 4 year BSc degree course covered training in general medicine as well as herbal medicine, supplemented by additional clinical training at the Universities of East London, Middlesex and Westminster and a Clinical Examination course at The British School of Osteopathy.

Herbal Medicine with its holistic approach to health, focussing on identifying the root cause of disease rather than just treating the symptoms, means that you are an active participant in your journey back to wellness.  Doing that is not always easy. You can also do all the right things and still get thrown a curveball.  What I love about my work is taking the time, with every single one of my patients, to understand what is happening in their life and their body.  Having someone who will work with you in a holistic way, for as long as you need, really does make a difference. Getting well is life-changing; I know this from personal, as well as professional experience. I consider it is a real honour to be part of your health journey.

07801 071641
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Underpinned by a belief in creating daily habits, iBalanceYOGA founder Denny Davis invites you into her warm, welcoming world where magical things happen when we make small yet consistent changes to how we live our lives.

All Denny’s classes and workshops incorporate the three pillars of iBalanceYOGA – Flow, Fuel, Heal and Gather– helping her yogis to take control of their own wellbeing through a mix of yoga, essential oils, meditation, breathwork and nutrition.

Denny’s style of teaching is rooted in her life experience and playful personality. She encourages her community to embrace imperfection and have fun. Expect zesty, morning bursts of yoga to a lively soundtrack and workshops that embrace powerful visualisation and creative journaling.

Wake-Up with Denny (online)

A virtual four-week course taking place Monday-Friday mornings at 7.30am for 15 minutes. This playful nugget of morning yoga will take you through a new sequence each week. Accessible to everyone, you will develop a strong daily habit through repetition. By the end of the course, you will feel empowered to whip out your map and try a sequence whenever you need!

FREE Wake-Up week every two months. Join the waitlist by dropping me an email.

Discōver dōTERRA (online)

In this session, Denny will talk through a number of different essential oils, explaining the science behind how and why essential oils can be so effective in supporting your body emotionally and physically, as well as sharing personal experiences of how using oils has transformed her life. Join a group class or book a one to one. Email for more details.

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MyTime Therapies is a service for children (7+) and adults to help overcome any unwanted thoughts or feelings that are having a negative impact on your life.

These can include feelings of;

  • Low self esteem/confidence
  • Anxiety/stress
  • Covid Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Eating disorders/Weight management
  • Public Speaking
  • Performance/Sports performance
  • Smoking cessation

With over 15 yrs experience of working with children in education and adults in therapeutic services MyTime Therapies uses hypnosis in isolation or alongside massage therapy (if required) to release any mental and physical issues that you or your child may be experiencing.

Please see my website for further details.

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07751 936231
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The Northern College of Acupuncture runs an Online Nutrition clinic every Monday, it is excellent value for money at only £45 for three sessions. Being online also means that it’s accessible to everyone, attend from the comfort of your own home or place of work.

There are many health issues that nutritional therapy can help with, including: digestion, energy levels, sleep, hormone balance, thyroid health, mental wellbeing, skin health, diet, and joint health.

Each session is tailored specifically to the individual and their needs, considering and taking into account the individuals current situation/family/home life commitments. With full support, guidance and help from our nutritional students and clinic supervisors.

To find out more and book contact on any of the methods below.

Established in 1988 the Northern College of Acupuncture is an independent teaching College as well as a registered educational charity. Since the early days the College has gone from strength to strength and now educates acupuncturists, practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition practitioners and complementary therapists. Find out more  

01904 343305
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York Mother Nurture is a collaboration between Michaela Scott (of Bespoke Botanicals)  and Renni Prelle (of Renni Prelle Complementary Therapies) They have joined forces to expand the support offered to pregnant women and new parents.  As well as ‘hands-on’ services such as:

  • Specialist pregnancy and postnatal massage
  • Maternity reflexology
  • Head, neck and shoulder massage
  • Baby relaxology

They also offer online emotional and practical support and signposting, workshops and self-care advice.  Once Covid 19 restrictions are further lifted they will also be offering ‘Honouring Motherhood’ Days and Day Retreats.

Michaela Scott has been a Medical Herbalist for 12 years and a massage therapist for over 20 years.  She has specialist training in pregnancy massage and is a birth doula.

Renni Prelle has been an experienced Complementary Therapist for over 16 years.  She offers all forms of reflexology (including maternity reflexology), Head, neck and shoulder massage and facial massage as well as workshops in Baby and ToddlerRelaxology

T: 07801 071641 (Michaela)
T: 07940 029672 (Renni)
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Acupuncture – Kexby Clinic

Acupuncture treatment is a wonderful way to maintain optimal health during your pregnancy as it is completely natural and is able to target all of the common complaints that can arise at different stages.

T: 07974 594692 (Malcolm Lummas)

Alex Lochhead Traditional Acupuncture

I’m an acupuncturist working in Acomb from a private, modern clinic with 14 years of experience, working with individuals and families.  This gentle and flexible therapy can be used for all kinds of physical and emotional issues in our lives. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding acupuncture.

T: 07747 080895

Elaine Wilson – Retro Medicine Woman

I have worked in private clinical practice since 2000, building my therapeutic “tool bag” to include acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy and nutritional therapy.

I am committed to helping and informing as many people like you as I can through my various services and products.

22 The Village, Wigginton, York, YO32 2PJ
T: 07842 103498

Grange Therapies

Get away from it all. Enjoy our Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Aromatherapy massage. We have a range of treatments for expectant mothers. If you are looking for Reflexology and Thai you will find it at Grange Therapies. Manicures, Pedicures, Facials and Waxing can also be booked.

T: 07447 013532

Holistic Health York

Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, relaxation, meditation & Reiki for children, young people & adults. A safe space for you to explore any issues (anxiety, depression, phobias, no confidence, bullying, exam anxiety, school refusal etc.) and help you make positive changes. Free 1 hour consultations offered.

T: 07783 131678

Renni Prelle Complementary Therapies

Offering all forms Reflexology including Maternity and Hot Stone Reflexology as well as Facial Massage, Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage and Babies-and Toddler Relaxology where you will learn a specific routine to perform on your own child.
My treatment room is in Fulford, just off Broadway.

Sarah Wilson Natural Therapies

From treatment of aromatherapy massage to anti-ageing holistic facials, balancing reiki (face-to-face or distance), soothing warm paraffin wax treatments, tension-busting head massage etc. Massage is for ladies only.

Visit me in Strensall or ask me for a quote to come to you.”

Mention Mumbler for 10% off your first treatment.

T:01904 491606

Ana Guerrero’s Holistic Wellbeing

I offer bespoke acupuncture therapy which can also be combined with massage and may include lifestyle advice based in Chinese medicine principles. My studio in Heworth is a great place to relax, breathe and unwind. Insured by the FHT and accredited by the the British Acupuncture Association and the British Acupuncture Federation.

Mention Mumbler for a 10% discount.

T: 01904 594654

The Reiki Angel of York

The Reiki Angel of York bringing Balance, Tranquility and Positive Energy to your world. Reiki is a way of harmonising and balancing our internal energy to promote relaxation, detoxification, self -healing of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self. More information can be found on my website.

T: 07787980992

York Clinic

Our team of complementary healthcare practitioners work together to provide treatments that are designed to help you feel better and get well.

We care for people of all ages and have expertise in treating a range of physical and emotional conditions including: Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Coaching, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Herbal Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Massage, McTimoney Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Psychology, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Physiotherapy and Reflexology.

296 Tadcaster Road, York, YO24 1ET
T: 01904 709688 (Avril, Diane or Michaela)

York Natural Health – Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy

Specialising in treatment of mothers and babies for:

-Back, Hip and Pelvic Pain
-Pubic symphysis disorder
-Neck and shoulder tension
– Mother and baby check-ups
-Babies with neck tension, digestive issues, birth trauma and more…

Gentle cranial or whole body classical osteopathic approach.

T: 01904 788411

Your Feet in My Hands

Fiona is a qualified reflexologist, specialising particularly in maternity reflexology which is great for all things to do with fertility, ​pregnancy and post natal. Mobile service is available so she can visit you in your home. Also very flexible working hours.

T: 07906 294330