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Mortgages and maternity leave: What you need to know

Babies take up a lot of room, so it’s no surprise that many families find they need to make more space when there’s a new arrival. Whether you decide you need to move, or you want to make some improvements to your current home, you’ll probably need a new mortgage. However, being on maternity (or…

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Make 2020 all about your family

Let us help you get 2020 off to a great start with something that’s much, much easier than going to the gym. We can help you make a great New Year’s resolution. It’s to keep, and it might be a life-changing promise for your family. Today’s the day to find out what you need to…

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Useful Tips for Helping Children Learn About Money

It’s never too early to help your children learn about taking care of the pennies and pounds – and we’d like to help, too. Read our Tips for Learning About Money. Or, why not drop in to see the team at MAPIO Financial or check out the worksheets we have for children of all ages…

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We all face big ‘What Ifs’ in life … So protect what matters

Many of us find it hard if not impossible to save large amounts of money, regularly, for a potential rainy-day that may or may not happen. And very few of us like dwelling on the negatives in life. It’s nobody’s idea of fun, thinking about accidents, injuries, unexpected hardship or work problems that could have…

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