Professor Dan

Professor Dan has been a full time entertainer for 10 years performing all over the UK at a variety of events.

Entertainment options are: Magic Shows, Punch and Judy, Balloon Modelling, Games and Seasonal Entertainment. Suitable for: Birthday Parties, Outdoor Events, Schools and Weddings.

His speciality is the two hour birthday party package. We would start with a magic show that is designed for that age range and personalized for the birthday child. Then we have a break for food (which you supply.) Afterwards we go into unique party games with music to set the scene. As a grand finale to the party the birthday child is presented with a big balloon model .

Awarded “Most Promising Young Professor” by the Punch and Judy Fellowship makes him a dedicated performer and one of the most successful in his field. Punch and Judy can be at your next event, performing at set times throughout the day.

Balloon Modelling is a colourful skill which fits in perfectly with any event as walk about entertainment. Wow your guests as Professor Dan twists his way through the crowds making a variety of cute animals, wacky creations and wearable designs before your eyes.

07816 253409


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