Scarborough Castle

Hands on History: Castles: Sat 20 Jul – Sun 1 Sep 2019 (daily) 11am – 5pm
Discover what it was like to live, work and fight in a real-life castle. Test your jousting and sword skills against your opponents and see if you have what it takes to become legendary.

Victorian Sports Day: Sat 27 – Sun 28 Jul 2019 11am – 5pm
Enjoy a cracking day of historical sports in the magnificent setting of Scarborough Castle. Hear the whack of cricket bat on ball, and see sprinters compete as live music plays. Think you have what it takes to challenge the Victorian athletes? Come and enjoy activities designed for all the family.

Tournament: Joust and Melee at Scarborough Castle: Sat 10 – Sun 11 Aug 2019 11am – 5pm
Jousting goes back to its roots in this no-holds-barred tournament of strength, skill and horsemanship. Charging at each other at full speed with only chain mail for protection, each knight will attempt to knock their opponent from their horse. It’s every man for himself in this thrillingly authentic 13th century tournament, inspired by the brutal early days of jousting.

The encampment will be alive with the sights, sounds and smells of medieval life. Listen to merry music, join in with the jester’s jokes and learn about cookery and crafts from centuries ago. You can even meet the knights as they prepare for battle. Make sure to book your tickets before 9th August to receive 10% discount.

Medieval Myths & Legends: Sat 24 – Mon 26 Aug 2019 11am – 4pm
England’s past is bursting with tales of brave heroes, formidable foes and weird and wonderful happenings. Join us to uncover these myths and legends for yourself this summer at Scarborough Castle.

Witness the skills of our fighting knights in live action throughout the day, and laugh as our jolly Medieval Jester entertains you with his silliness and foolary.

Castle Road, Scarborough, YO11 1HY

01723 372451


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