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From Clutter to Clarity – Live the Difference

Cher Casey, PhD, is a York-based professional declutterer and organiser that helps people tackle clutter and reclaim valuable space in their homes and minds. Our surroundings greatly impact our physical and emotional well-being; an uncluttered home can, therefore, promote a sense of calm, clarity, productivity, and give us more time to enjoy our family and friends. As a mum herself, Cher understands the challenges of reducing clutter and staying organised. She has helped many busy families save time and money, maximise space, and create personalised and maintainable systems to stay organised.

Cher can help if you feel overwhelmed or embarrassed by your home; if you’re navigating a major life change such as expecting a baby, moving house, renovating, getting divorced, or caring for ageing parents; or if you’d like professional accountability to achieve your ideal living environment. Service areas include: kitchens, bedrooms, wardrobes, playrooms, offices, bathrooms, attics, garages, and more. Serving homes in York and surrounding areas, and now offering gift vouchers. All sessions are completely confidential and judgement-free. If you’re ready for a change, get in touch to discuss your goals, and to book your free in-home consultation.

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