The Wizard Walk of York

The Magic Hatter brings his award-winning entertainment to the streets, with spellbinding magic, comedy, and a dash of York’s history!

“The ‘best birthday party ever’ apparently, it’s been the talk of the class this week! Both the adults and children were captivated.” – R. Brown

“We couldn’t have been more delighted! They gasped, they laughed, they had a great time. A really special hour.” – Beth V

Magic Hatter Entertainments has over 10 years experience delivering unforgettable birthdays. Private Wizard Walk of York tours are available for truly magical parties which include…

• An exclusive 1-hour tour full of wizard magic, comedy and five-star fun
• A Wizard Wand Kit for the birthday child
• Optional Wizard Wand Kits for the guests at a reduced price (great alternative to party bags!)
• A chocolate frog, owl ring and personalised letter from the Wizard
• Free invitations

The birthday child even gets to assist the Wizard of York, becoming an Official Trainee Wizard!
Find out more on the website. Early booking strongly recommended.

If a private tour isn’t suitable, you can also book on one of the many public tours. Pre-booking only, selected days. Visit the website to book. Gift vouchers also available.

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