About Us

Welcome to York Mumbler!

I’m Emily Pickard. I’m a local mum of 2 Mini Mumblers and I have a passion for bringing together the York parenting community. I love collecting and sharing the vast knowledge we have of this amazing city to help make all of our busy lives that little bit easier!

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York Mumbler in the Early Days

I started York Mumbler back in 2012 when I was expecting my eldest daughter, inspired by the group my sister had set up in Harrogate the year before.

York Mumbler started life as a Facebook Group where parents could ask all the questions they may not get the chance to ask in person. It’s where we all support each other as parents of York. The group is still going strong and never ceases to amaze me how much support, love and kindness is shown on there every day (as well as the odd ‘difference of opinion’… but as long as it’s said respectfully then that’s no bad thing!)  The collective knowledge of the York Mumblers is astounding!

The York Mumbler Website

This website was born in August 2015 as a vehicle to house all this fantastic information and I am adding to it all the time… I’m so proud of what Mumbler has become in York and am often humbled by the e-mails and messages of support I receive from so many local parents. York Parents really do rock!

I was lucky enough to be able to give up my career in the corporate world so that I could spend more time with my girls so York Mumbler is now my job and and am one of the lucky few who gets to make a living doing what I love. Whilst I would never charge parents for using my site, companies do pay me to advertise and to promote them on this website and social media and I make no secret of that. I could no longer justify the hours I spend on this as a hobby! It is very similar to how traditional advertising works, like in a magazine or local newspaper or radio.

I closely vet the companies and service providers who approach me and I regularly I turn down all sorts of things because I don’t like the company, the product, or don’t agree with the brand’s ethos, or don’t think it’s relevant to my Mumbler audience or even if it doesn’t “feel” right (yes, I am that vague). Whenever I do talk about a brand or a product, it’s because I genuinely like it and think that the Mumblers might too. I’m always honest, I won’t recommend someone or something if I don’t believe they are up to scratch for the Mumblers – If I can’t say anything nice then I won’t say anything at all!

I always love hearing from Mumblers with any more ideas or thoughts that they would like sharing to the wider mumbler community so do get in touch whenever you want emily@mumbler.co.uk

Thanks for visiting, please make yourself comfortable and stay as long as you want!

Emily x