Birthday Party Special

Become a Viking with a party for the history books!

Welcome to the Mumbler Birthday Party Special!

Welcome to the Mumbler Birthday Party Special!

It was my youngest daughters 8th Birthday recently – Like many parents and carers, I love them to make a fuss of the kids on special occasions. My mum always told me.. “there are around 355 ‘normal’ days of the year so make a fuss of the occasions however you can!” I think she’s right.. those are the memories that stand out (mainly because we take loads of photos to look back on too.. see below for a very small selection!)

There are so many ways they can celebrate and we’ve done them all over the years…. including ‘hire the hall and invite the whole class’ parties, ‘teddy bears picnic at home for 1st birthday when they have no clue what’s going on and are actually quite freaked out about the whole thing’ parties… ‘lockdown stay at home parties where we hired a hot tub as no-one was allowed round to party with us’ (added bonus that mum and dad got to use in peace this when the kids were in bed!), messy parties, Big Family Day out instead of a party, climbing, bouncing, soft play, theatre trip with a couple of friends, reptile parties, princess parties and all the rest!

My eldest daughter is 10 so it dawned on me that we’ve now had 18 birthdays between them! I think with the 18 years, I can class myself as a birthday party adult and I’ve learned a few things along the way!

The party etiquette, the fact that kids are mainly interested from the sweets in the party bag so don’t spend too much effort or time on the rest, There is always one gift with no card attached so you have to guess or use process of elimination to work out who it’s from (sellotape it to the gift people!).

Everyone has a year where they feel their little one is spoiled and it’s all a bit too much – then we do it again the next year and they are super grateful and love every minute – they’re not monsters after all!

The stresses of ‘who should we invite’ and not wanting anyone to feel left out – going from inviting all of your mates who happen to have kids and the evolution to school where you have the friends from class, down to a smaller group of close buddies. Do you invite siblings or not?! The move from ‘parents staying’ to ‘drop and run’…. ahh the freedom of that sweet 2 hours with no children! We’ve done it all. Sometimes felt like we’ve nailed it and sometimes not – then realising whatever you do… invariably your child LOVES it and you realise you’re worrying over nothing… the birthday memories have been made!

There are so many ways to do it, and the aim of this birthday party special – as with everything on Mumbler, is to make your life easier.

We’ve brought together some of the best people who are here to help make your mini mumbler’s day special and memorable.. whatever their age, your budget and whatever interests they have. From Cake Makers (I decided early on that I was never going to be a cake making mum so this is one I happily delegate!) to Entertainment and full party providers who take care of everything. You can plan and book your party based on what you find here.

We’ve also done a ‘who’s who’ of the party world – we know you love to know the real people behind these business and organisations – they are all so passionate about making sure your mini mumbler has a memorable birthday. Scroll down to see who’s who.

A special thanks has to go to our sponsors – the Main Sponsor is The Little Gym – they do brilliant active parties for 1-12 year olds at their purpose built gym at Monks Cross. We went along to try one out and will be showing behind the scenes on our social media this week. Also thanks to our secondary sponsor Agility… this brilliant Ninja Course (think Gladiators!) makes for a mega fun birthday from tots to teens and they also have lovely food to complete your birthday party.

Enjoy having a browse and come back for more each day – and get party planning!

Emily & team Mumbler 💜


Oxygen York

T: 020 8050 1315

W: Visit Website


I love helping create a memorable birthday. I enjoy putting a smile on all the kids faces through creating fun games, dances and get everyone involved. In my spare time I help out with my brothers football club and am always doing something active.


Oxygen York

T: 020 8050 1315

W: Visit Website

Energetic and fun

Hobbies: Fashion, sports and Travel

I love doing party’s at Oxygen because it’s a fun way of having an impact on a child’s wellbeing and confidence. I love to make their special day memorable.


Oxygen York

T: 020 8050 1315

W: Visit Website


Hobbies: sports – trampolining, hockey, Travelling to Greece.
Love seeing children happy on their birthday and making core memories and delivering a great experience for the children.

Dog, Colin & Doggory

DIG Party Trio

W: Visit Website

Throughout your party experience you’ll  meet our party trio, here to bring the experience to life;

Dig the Dog – this good boy is archaeology’s best friend! Although he does cause the team some work trying to find where he has buried their artefacts.

Colin the Cat – a slightly mischievous archaeology assistant. Colin does all the kitty things you’d expect, getting tangled in tape measures, hiding in small spaces and distracting guests with his constant need for attention.

Diggory the Mole – a long standing member of the DIG team, Diggory has assisted in unearthing many a treasure (and some literal rubbish) and loves to spend time marvelling over his discoveries and telling their tales.


Gym Director- The Little Gym

T: 01904 307404

E: Email Megan

Megan is our Programme Director and manages our Saturday Party. She joined The Little Gym just before we opened in 2021 so has been with The Little Gym York from the beginning.

Megan started dancing and teaching from a young age and loves to share her passion for movement and development with children of all ages! She is trained in many styles of dance and graduated in 2019 with a BA hons degree in Dance.

As well as dancing and teaching Megan also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, friends and family, exercising and enjoying walks in the great outdoors!

“Seeing the excitement and enthusiasm of children to learn new things and try their best is so highly rewarding and is why I love my job at The Little Gym so much! “

Tara Gammon

Rainbow Ceramics - Owner

T: 01904 675533

E: Email Tara Gammon

Hi, I’m Tara the owner of Rainbows Ceramics for 10+ years. My background is graphic design and before Rainbows my time was spent in design agencies. However, freelancing is a lonely existence and I missed being part of a team. Pottery Painting was relatively new so I did a lot of research (Pinterest!) and some ceramic training until I felt ready to take the plunge. Rainbows combined everything I loved – people and creativity. I LOVE it. I’m inspired every day by the talent we have in York and to be able to provide an activity the whole family can enjoy is truly special.

Caroline Dill

Owner of Crafty Fox Kids Club

T: 07949039658

E: Email Caroline Dill

W: Visit Website

I love being creative and coming up with new ideas, which is why I’ve always enjoyed the freedom of working for myself. In the past 15 years, I’ve had a vintage furniture business and have organised vintage fairs and events. Before that, I studied Graphic Design and Photography.
Now, I’ve taken a bit of a different turn by running creative workshops. I host after-school clubs, weekend classes, and arty birthday parties too!

My workshops provide children with a relaxed environment to explore their creativity and give them the freedom to experiment with different techniques. The main aim is to help children have fun and build their creative confidence.


Agility Party Host

E: Email Kaymia

Hi, I’m Kaymia! I grew up in the dancing industry, I have danced with many big names, including Justin Bieber himself on his Purpose tour in front of thousands of people! Dancing has always been a big passion of mine because I enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces which translate into my job here at Agility, for example being the dancing skeleton at Halloween, and the grinch at Christmas being able to put on a show for you all.

I am one of the party hosts, which is a main role of mine at Agility, I enjoy doing parties as it allows me to utilise my current skills to help the kids improve their skills on our Ninja Warrior courses and enjoy them bonding with their friends through FUN! I bring an enthusiastic, energetic, and engaging approach to the way I host the parties to make sure the birthday child and their friends have the time of there life and never wanting to leave 😊


General Manager - Everyman

T: 01233 555642

E: Email James

W: Visit Website

Hi there, my name is James and I’m the General Manager of the Everyman in York on Blossom Street.

I come from Thirsk originally but moved to York in 2021 to experience life in this beautiful city and to be closer to work!

Exceptional movies and warm hospitality are my passions and I have the perfect combination of those here at Everyman.

My favorite thing about coming to work every day is the team, they are some of the funniest, kindest and thoughtful individuals I have ever met. I look forward to meeting you at some point in the near future!



T: 01904 20360500

E: Email Ethan

W: Visit Website

This is Ethan, a bubbly party host that can bounce and flip.

Customer Experience is a priority with him, making sure all people are safe and getting the best out of their party at FlipOut.
He has worked at Flipout for some time developing his experience.

Outside of work he plays Rugby for a local team, this has helped with his team skills and he brings this to work each shift.

Adela Parzanese Guerrero

Activities Team York Sport

T: 01904 325770

E: Email Adela Parzanese Guerrero

Adela works at York Sport in the Activities team as one of the Sports Administrators,  but she is also the first point of contact when it comes to booking and running all the operation details behind your Special Birthday parties at York Sport. Adela is a brilliant party organiser, and very enthusiastic  about celebrations and making the experience for children and parents something to remember. She is excellent at communicating with parents and works hard to meet their needs. Adela has two children of her own so she understands what parents are looking for when searching for a party provider. You’ll be in good hands booking a party for your child with Adela.

Tim and Deborah Senior

Owners - Deborah Bakes

M: 07934 207725

E: Email Tim and Deborah Senior

Hi! We are Tim and Deborah Senior and have been running Deborah Bakes since 2018.  We are very lucky to be able to work together creating your bakes, but generally you will find Tim creating all things brownie and blondie, including the mammoth task of baking for our pop ups and fairs (check our social media for upcoming events). Deborah creates your celebration cakes and loves nothing more than making the intricate decorations (or the ‘fiddly bits’!).

Dan Wood

The Magic Hatter and Wizard of York

E: Email Dan Wood

I’m simply spellbound to welcome so many local and tourists on my Wizard Walk of York, and to be able to offer magical parties with a difference (and with no need to book a village hall!)

I’m thrilled to have won a magical myriad of awards for the Wizard Walks – including Best Tour of York two years running, Best Walking Tour Operator and 3rd Best Family Experience in the World.

I also review local places to eat in a feature called Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find Them, and local theatre shows for my own blog and two companies. Follow my socials to see the new reviews!

Danielle Richardson

Baker/Business Owner/Mummy - Blonde Bakery

M: 07730 574997

E: Email Danielle Richardson

I have been baking since 2008, and soon after this exciting hobby began, I opened my dream cupcake shop and tea room in York city centre. In 2017, an exciting opportunity arose to move to Asia with my husband and daughter, and we embarked on a fantastic adventure. After a few fabulous years living (and baking!) in Hong Kong, we moved back to our home in York and our 2nd daughter arrived in 2021. My baking journey re-started – right where it began.

I pride myself in providing fantastic customer service, putting my heart into every single cake that leaves my kitchen.

Beetle Bank Farm

T: 01904 488796

E: Email Beetle Bank Farm

W: Visit Website

Meet The Party Animals!

Throughout your Party Experience, you’ll meet all kinds of animals big and small some you can feed, some you can brush and some you can cuddle!
Here are three of our favourite cuddlers!

Butterscotch the Guinea Pig! This beautiful piggy loves nothing more than a good snuggle in our handling corner and a tasty treat or three! Her friendly and loving personality is something every child and adult adores!

Chicken Little the Chick! This little cutie is one of our newest members of the party team! Hes sure to put a smile on everyone’s face! Chicken Little will grow up fast and then that’s when the fun begins! Who doesn’t love Big Chicken cuddles?

Neva the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit! Her Cheeky personality is what everyone loves as well as her beautiful blue eyes! She wants nothing more than to have lots of bunny cuddles and snuggles in our handling corner!

You’d be hopping mad to miss out!

Emily Draper

Entertaining the Future

M: 07766427013

E: Email Emily Draper

Hi, my name is Emily and as I approach my sixteenth birthday, I reflect on the remarkable journey of entrepreneurship I’ve embarked upon over the past two years.

With a profound aspiration to lead and an innate sense of independence, running my own business has been both a challenge and a rewarding endeavour. Alongside my professional pursuits, my dedication to serving others is evident through my volunteer work at the local Cubs, where I’ve garnered extensive experience working with children.

This blend of business acumen and a genuine passion for nurturing young minds has shaped my journey, enriching it with invaluable lessons and a profound sense of purpose.

Rachel Bradley

Doughtastic Sensory Playdough

M: 07886230361

E: Email Rachel Bradley

I’m Rachel,  I’ve been a Childminder for 11 years. I’m a Wife and Mum of two.

I set up Doughtastic Sensory Playdough last April 2023. I love playdough and it has so many benefits for children’s development, sensory needs and language. I make homemade scented playdough which can be bought individually, in Dough Disco Sets or Party Bags.

I also make and create Themed Activity Sets which have all sorts of nik naks to play with.

You can find me on Instagram or Facebook.


Fairytale Encounters

M: 07388 334827

E: Email April

W: Visit Website

I’m the owner and Lead Performer of Fairytale Encounters and I’ve always been inspired by the beloved storybook characters.

In October 2019 I decided to open my own kingdom giving children the chance to meet their hero’s. My main priority is to portray these character how they deserve to be portrayed while ensuring an unforgettable fun filled experience and I’m very honoured to have the ability do to so.

I’ve been dancing since the age of 9, performed with the English Youth Ballet as well as having the opportunity to perform at Disneyland Paris.

Since 2015 I have been a qualified dance teacher working with children from 2-18 being a role model and passing on my passion.

Jenna Dee

Dress up & Dream Parties

M: 07783 133690

E: Email Jenna Dee

I am a Creative Practitioner and The Company Owner of ‘Dress up and Dream Parties’. After training professionally at Mountivew Academy of theatre arts, I worked as a performer and freelancer in London for 5 years- I moved back to York to grow my creative practice and focus on my passion projects with performance at its heart! I set up Dress up and Dream Parties in York in 2017 with the aim to combine fun, engaging party entertainment with elite professional character performances of the highest of standards. Working with children has always been a huge love of mine and to be able to create magical memories for families for their little ones special day-really is a dream come true! I also run ‘Flying Ducks Youth theatre’ in York and design and deliver “Theatre for Development and Well-being” workshops whilst also running performance projects with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) young people; improving confidence, creativity and connections.

Cassie & Janet

Story Craft Theatre

E: Email Cassie & Janet

W: Visit Website

Story Craft Theatre is an award winning children’s theatre company run by professional actors, theatre makers and mums, Cassie Vallance and Janet Bruce.

With an aim to make creative and interactive theatre, drama based parties and events for children.

They want to ignite the imagination, promote teamwork and create lots and lots of fun throughout.

Working partnerships include: York Theatre Royal, Yorkshire Museum Trust, Castle Howard, Kiplin Hall, National Trust, NYMR and Newby Hall.


Trainee Manager - Lush

E: Email Sarah

Sarah is a supervisor at Lush York who primarily handles all things parties!

An expert and a day maker, Sarah has worked for the company for over 5 years and is passionate about customer experience and making your event special.

She has a background in education and girl-guiding so is well-equipped to take your event into her hands and make organising seamless.

Speak to Sarah or any member of our management team for advice on how we can make your party extra special.

Sam Jones

Sam Jones Creative Faces

M: 07958 456152

E: Email Sam Jones

Sam is the face behind Sam Jones Creative Faces, Sam is a creative mum and has lived and worked in York since her teens. Sam is a Scenic Artist and maker and has worked in the theming industry for over 20 years, working on murals for schools, museums, painting effects on large sets for theme parks and visitor attractions.

Sam puts her craft and painting skills from the industry into creating imaginative art parties for children. She believes through art we can encourage self expression and creativity in children which builds a sense of individuality and confidence.

Danielle Taylor

Toddler Sense York

M: 07762 525599

E: Email Danielle Taylor

I’m Danielle and I’m the owner of Toddler Sense York. It’s me who is the face behind the social media, all the emails, driving the trailer filled with equipment and running the classes and birthday parties!

I thought I’d share a couple of facts about myself so you find out a little bit more about me…

* I have owned Toddler Sense York for 4 years
* I love the variety of my job and seeing the excitement on children’s faces each week in class or at parties with our different activities
* I have a wide variety of dressing up outfits!


Owner/Performer - Enchanting Entertainments

M: mailto:07506 337178

E: Email Holly

Hello, Holly here, the Founder and Owner of Enchanting Entertainment. I started this small business venture with a passion for providing an affordable and accessible entertainment service for families across York and surrounding areas. As a mum myself, I know how stressful it can be bringing your children’s dreams to life on their special day, so I gathered all my experiences, from working professionally in the performing arts industry, and created this wonderful little empire which is continuing to grow and bring magic to all the occasions we have the privilege of attending.

Thank you for supporting me and my business

Andrew 'Wolf'

Forest Quest

M: 07519 340220

E: Email Andrew 'Wolf'

Meet ‘Wolf,’ creator, owner and chief instructor at Forest Quest.

As a Forest School Leader and Bushcraft Instructor, he has run over 1,000 different Forest School experiences, birthday parties and bushcraft sessions for adults and children since establishing Forest Quest 12 years ago. Passionate about sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for the great outdoors, he and his team, have created the perfect forest base not far from York to ensure all participants, whatever their age, enjoy the environment, learn new skills and have an exciting, inspiring forest experience.

Alex Johnson

Face Paint York - Owner & Lead Artist

M: 07740 357 803

E: Email Alex Johnson

I’m Alex! And facepainting is my world. I’m over ten years in, and little ones’ parties are one of my FAVOURITE parts of my job. I come to you, bringing colour and sparkle and loads of design choices. You don’t lift a finger, I set up neatly and quickly and we’re off! Unicorns, Spidermen, Mermaids, Dinosaurs and all the classics running around smiling and sparkling. I also run a Glitter Bar, Airbrush Tattoo Studio and make festival style stick on jewel centrepieces. From family parties to festivals, weddings and bump painting. Experienced, qualified, security checked and fully insured. If it’s party time I’d love to join you.

Megan Burrows

Popolo Ceramico - Owner

M: 07904 757404

E: Email Megan Burrows

I am a Mummy to a lovely little boy; he is the reason I found Popolo. My son was born during the pandemic so ceramic cafes were out of the question, as travel restrictions meant I couldn’t access one to capture those precious memories of tiny toes. When I heard about our jewellery and 3D ranges, I knew I needed to find out more. Then parties, PYO events and adult painting; my creative nature was obsessed! I have worked in retail all my life, so I have a true passion for customer service! It’s all perfectly me!

Simon Holmes

Web Adventure Park – General Manager

T: 01904 692221

E: Email Simon Holmes

As the general manager, Simon oversees the day-to-day operations of the park and does whatever he can to make the MD smile! Mr. Worldwide, Simon loves a cheeky holiday and has even resided in Dubai whilst working at LEGOLAND. With Food Safety Level 4 under his belt, Simon has been Food and Beverage Manager all the way down the country, working at both Chessington World of Adventures and Thorpe Park! Speaking of food, his favourite dish on our menu is the chicken burger. Simon’s favourite thing about working at the Web is, ‘I get to work with my favourite people Janice and Ben every day’, how sweet.

Sarah Russell

Sarah's Handcrafted Cakes

E: Email Sarah Russell

Hi Mumblers!
I’m Sarah Russell a mum to two boys and business owner of Sarah’s Handcrafted Cakes. I can usually be found in the kitchen working on a special cake order or wearing neon yellow outside my local junior school……as the school crossing patroller (lollipop lady)!
I love to curl up with a good book with a scrummy hot chocolate or just lose myself in a fab Disney movie.


Owner at DJ Ollie

E: Email Tyrone

I started DJ Ollie in 2003 and this year is our 20th year in business celebration. The business started initially doing adult and children’s mobile discos. Over the years has expanded into doing children’s disco and bouncy castle indoor parties, bubble machine and our own unique games in children’s parties, race nights (corporate and charity) weddings , christenings, Quiz’s, corporate events including some adult games  (human musical chairs being an example) giant love letter and twinkle back drop hires or weddings.

We have a small team of entertainers for events  What makes us unique is that one of our entertainers is able to do various entertainment roles, such as children’s and adult entertainment in one party, which saves customers money through only hiring one person.

We also offer a bespoke party package as well if a customer is looking for something special, hence again saving customers money by one person being able to provide a range of entertainment services.

The greatest part of this job is seeing all the children and adults enjoy themselves and us creating special, unique and valuable life memories for all our areas of entertainment.

Whilst I enjoy every event, from a job appreciation and satisfaction point of view children’s entertainment and charity race events are my two favourite areas.


Guest Experience Manager - York's Chocolate Story

T: 01904 527765

E: Email Ellie

W: Visit Website

Hi there! I’m Ellie, the Guest Experience Manager at York’s Chocolate Story. Formerly a tour guide here, I’m well-versed in all things chocolate.

Our children’s parties are packed with chocolate-making skills, games, and fascinating facts to keep everyone entertained.

With a background in acting and regular performances in local theatres, you can expect a lively and unforgettable experience at every party we host.

We adore creating joyful memories and look forward to welcoming you soon!