Ask the Mumblers York

Parents are often asked for thoughts and opinions in questionnaires or to attend research groups.Β  Here you will find current opportunities to participate in research, some may be rewarded others will be completely voluntary.

If you would like to ‘Ask the Mumblers’, submit your questionnaire or research opportunity here.

There’s No Going Back Baby…

Do you ever wonder what happened to your happy ending?

Cozying up watching those couples on Netflix who look so loved up, whilst you cringe at how different this seems to things in your home?

Relationships can be at best beautiful and messy and at worst painful and unpredictable; throw parenting in to the mix and it’s like all of the above on steroids.

Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one in this struggle and you find yourself daydreaming about the good old days, but simultaneously not wanting to do anything about it.

Why should you right? You’ve got enough on your plate.

But what if there were some small, manageable tweaks that could help you begin to re-imagine what’s possible now for you relationship?

It is possible and Ash at A Parker Therapy would love to get your feedback to inform a workshop she’s writing to help with exactly this. If you can spare a few mins to fill out the questionnaire – it’s anonymous and confidential and she’d be so grateful.

Questionnaire – open here