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Parents are often asked for thoughts and opinions in questionnaires or to attend research groups.  Here you will find current opportunities to participate in research, some may be rewarded others will be completely voluntary.

If you would like to ‘Ask the Mumblers’, submit your questionnaire or research opportunity here.

Ante-natal Yoga Research

We are two third year physiotherapy students conducting research into ante-natal yoga.

If you took part in any type of yoga during your pregnancy and are now between 2 and 24 months postpartum, we would like you to complete our survey.

Please share or forward the survey to anyone you feel may wish to contribute their experience. It can also be found with the following link

Empathy Development in Children with and without Conduct Disorders – University of York

I am conducting a study with the York Developmental Social Neuroscience Lab to investigate how children with and without Conduct Disorders process and understand people’s emotions, and how this may be related to their social behaviours in everyday life.

Who Can Take Part?
• Children aged 4-11 in the UK and a parent.
• Children with AND without Conduct Disorder or Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
• You will need a laptop/computer and internet connection.

What’s involved?
• Parent/Carers will complete a questionnaire about their child’s everyday social and emotional behaviours.
• Children will complete 2 fun online tasks over a Zoom video call (30-45 minutes) with the researcher.

• You will receive a £5 Amazon voucher.
• This research could inform possible interventions for children who struggle to recognise and process emotions.

• We are currently finalising and piloting the study. If you are interested in taking part or you would like to ask any questions, please email or register your interest HERE and the researcher will be in touch.

The Great Grape Game – University of York

We are looking for children to take part in The Great Grape Game!

This fun 15 minute online game is part of a University of York project which is developing ways to encourage healthy eating in children.

In this game, kids save grapes before they disappear from the screen by pressing a button as fast as possible. Afterwards we’ll send them a downloadable certificate for taking part!

We are looking for children aged 4-12. Though the rules of the game are simple, younger children might need some help at first.  You can play it at any time that’s convenient for you and your child and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

To tell us that you are interested, please follow the link below and fill in your details. We’ll quickly get back to you with a link to click and play. All you need is a quiet room at home and a laptop or desktop computer with working speakers, and stable wifi.

We’re happy to answer any questions!

Please email Dr Jonathan Flavell at