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Calm Confident Mama Birth Services

Are you pregnant and want a positive birth experience, but you’re not sure how to achieve this and worries are creeping in?

Have you experienced a birth before that didn’t turn out as you had hoped and want to feel calm and relaxed this time?

Are you excited about your baby’s birth and want to keep feeling that way?

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is a comprehensive antenatal course that focuses on having the right birth on the day for you and your baby. Every woman deserves a positive birth experience and the Wise Hippo tools and techniques aim to help you to feel calm, relaxed and in control throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond. Your birth partner will also gain knowledge and techniques to support you in the best possible way.

The Wise Hippo isn’t about giving you advice or judging the choices you make; the aim is for you to feel empowered to make decisions that are right for you.

Group and one-to-one classes are available. Get in touch for more information and to book. I can’t wait to hear from you!

T: 07542 386923

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Passionate about great parenting? Want to learn more about your little ones? But feeling just a little bit overwhelmed by all the so-called ‘baby experts’ out there telling you what to do? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – we’ve been there too.

So, if you’re looking for practical, well presented and evidence based research about your child’s brain development and what life looks like from their natural perspective, explained in a safe and non-judgemental environment, then CalmFamily is just for you.

Our unique range of BabyCalm™ and ToddlerCalm™ classes are aimed at parents who really want to understand their babies & toddlers better. So, get ready for an amazing journey, with Workshops & Courses, including; antenatal, fourth trimester, sleep, baby-led weaning, behaviour, building better brains, calming and nurturing.

We take the rigidity out of raising your little ones and put you firmly back in charge, as the real expert in your own child, giving you information, facts and invaluable tips & techniques, so you can approach sleep, eating and behaviour with complete confidence. Our flexible toolkit means you’ll always be ready to deal with whatever life throws at you and will help you create a calmer and happier family life.

We can’t wait to meet you!

For more information, resources and to book a Workshop or Course, visit
T: 07894 551 275

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For Modern Mothers – Hypnobirthing in York

Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy. I’m Susan and I provide modern and mindful Hypnobirthing classes for a calm, confident and positive pregnancy and birth – however you birth your baby. My Hypnobirthing courses are a complete antenatal programme providing you with a whole toolbox of practical techniques and loads of information so that you can feel in control and be totally empowered throughout, and actually enjoy your labour and birth.

You will learn how to release any fears you have about birth, amazing relaxation techniques, simple yet effective breathing and visualisation practices, Mindfulness for pregnancy and parenthood. You will understand birth physiology – how the female body is designed to give birth, and how to create conditions conducive to calm, comfortable childbirth. I give you lots of information in an easy to understand way so that you can make your own choices, make informed decisions, and feel in control. All this combines to really connect you as a couple, so you become a real ‘birthing dream team’. It’s so valuable however you birth your baby, there are no judgements here and I support all types of birth.
I am also a pregnancy yoga teacher and a trained Doula so I include loads of unique and brilliant extras in my courses – just check out my website to find out more.

I run my hypnobirthing courses each month in a lovely setting in York. The classes are informative yet fun, and a great chance to meet other liked minded couples too. I also teach one to one private course at times to suit you, and hypnobirthing refresher courses too.

Do get in touch with any questions, I’d love to hear from you and it’s really important to know that the hypnobirthing and antenatal course you choose is the right one for you and your partner.
Susan x

Mention Mumbler for 10% discount

T: 07954 238 424

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Pregnancy/Postnatal Yoga, Tamsin Evans

pregnancy yoga logo tamsinThese Classes are a fantastic place to come and enjoy a good stretch with some flowing Yoga movements. They are wonderfully beneficial for creating a sense of well-being while helping you feel comfortable with your body, while pregnant. We will enjoy some deep breathing with specific breathing techniques for birthing. Pregnancy Yoga is a great way to stay active while staying flexible & mobile throughout.
There will be a guided relaxation towards the end of the class, that will leave us floating home…but not before we have a little social tea, chocolate & chat After class (optional) but a great place to make new friends

“I really can’t Thank you enough, for all the techniques you’ve passed on and how confident that made me, especially when things didn’t go to plan, to use breathing to stay calm. your Yoga classes were such an integral part of my pregnancy, not just the class themselves but also the emphasis you but on encouraging us to have tea and biscuits after class to socialize. I have made some wonderful new friends through this and I’m truly grateful. I can’t wait to come back for baby number 2” ………Carla mother to Bertie

Mondays – Pregnancy Yoga 4.30-5.30/6pm Millers Yard, Gillygate
– Mummy and Baby Yoga 1.30-2.30pm St Luke’s church hall, Burton stone lane
Tuesdays – Pregnancy Yoga 5.30-6.30/7pm Millers Yard, Gillygate

Birth preparation will run alongside the weekly classes.
I also run a weekly Postnatal/ Mummy and Baby Yoga class on Monday afternoons

If you mention Mumbler you will get 20% off your first block of 5 classes

T: 07748851063



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Puddle ducks Aquanatal

PUDDLE DUCKS_FINAL LOGO AWAqua-natal classes are perfect for mums-to-be as they offer a holistic approach to mental and physical well-being.  Combining relaxation with cardio-vascular exercise, these classes provide the perfect physical preparation for labour in the soothing and cool comforts of water. Through the use of gentle exercises, we also introduce mums-to-be to movements in the water which can also be used with the baby after birth.  There is an opportunity to relax and understand how the body moves and reacts to water, in preparation for swimming with the new baby when he/she arrives.  We promise to pleasantly surprise mums-to-be with the immense benefits they will experience, as well as the fun they will have in the class.

11704935_398041727063726_5808066966061249262_nOur aquanatal classes are a fabulous activity for mums-to-be and offer the following benefits:

– Experience the perfect balance of relaxation, laughter and exercise – a wonderful way to unwind and stay healthy in pregnancy

– The classes take a holistic approach to mums’ physical and mental well-being, combining relaxation with cardiovascular exercises to help prepare the body for labour

– Our teachers pass antenatal swimming training that is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives Trust, our own extensive aquanatal training and STA Aquacise/Aquanatal and Antenatal Swimming

– Classes take place in the soothing, warm comforts of pools, providing one of the safest ways to exercise in pregnancy

– There’s a science behind it too! Exercise and relaxation release your body’s natural happy hormones, endorphins, which suppress pain and help you (and baby) feel calm – not only helpful in later pregnancy, but also really important during and after labour

– And once baby arrives, the familiar noise of the pool means they’ll be relaxed when you take them swimming too

– You can also use the exercise techniques to get gently back into shape!

It is all quite gentle, however, you get a great workout hence preparing your body for labour. What better way to make some new friends to share your experiences with too? It is possible to join at any point throughout your pregnancy.

Our 45 minute classes run on Mondays from 7:30pm at the ROKO Health club, Clifton Moor, York. We charge £42 for a 6 week block of lessons.

Please call our office on 07562 303788 if you would like to book or have any questions, you can also visit our website for more information.

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Red Tent Mother Moon

Red Tent Mother Moons are days specifically tailored to nurture and support women preparing to birth, whilst exploring our deeply held attitudes about birth and motherhood, through art, music, guided meditation and discussion. The day focuses on expressing and releasing our deepest fears and anxieties, exploring our beliefs about our bodies and setting positive intentions about birth, all within the safety and comfort of our circle.

‘I absolutely cherish my time at the Mother Moon day and am so grateful to have taken part. It gave me an opportunity to really take the time to consider what I want for this birth and I felt empowered and excited to plan for birth the second time round after attending. It was abundantly clear that the organisers had taken immense care, time and effort (and expense) to make the day a really special one. I would highly recommend it to any mother preparing for birth. Thank you.’

The cost is £55 per person which includes a warm lunch, refreshments and snacks, as well as some very special gifts to take away with you.



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Turtle Tums – Aqua Natal Yoga classes

Turtle Tums is a specialist Aqua-Natal Yoga course developed in association with Birthlight. Aqua Natal Yoga is a beautifully effective pre-natal exercise with low impact stress using water resistance, buoyancy and adapted yoga poses in the relaxing environment of a warm water pool.

Aqua Natal Yoga prepares you and your body for birth by teaching you controlled breathing and gentle exercises, designed specifically for child birth only and is an ideal form of pre-natal exercise irrespective of your level of fitness. Maintaining fitness during pregnancy will also help you cope better with the birth and speed your return to full post-natal fitness.

The classes are 45 minutes and are suitable for Mummies-to-be 14 plus weeks to Childbirth. The courses run on a 5 week cycle up to 36 weeks of Pregnancy and then on a weekly basis up to 40+(5). Continuation up to birth is very much on your personal wellbeing, but is still very beneficial and safe in the preparation for the birth of your baby.

Our classes have numerous health and well-being benefits, but it’s also a great opportunity to meet other like-minded mums-to-be, whilst bonding with your unborn baby and having a fantastic and safe workout. And, when the little ones are born, the friendships can continue by introducing your little ones to the wonderful World of Baby Swimming Classes at Turtle Tots.

Mention Mumbler Offer: 10% first term discount for  aqua natal classes

Wednesday Evening 8.00pm
For further information please contact Paula Stewart

The Principal Hotel (Previously Royal York Hotel & Spa) , Station Rd, York, YO24 1AA

T: 01423 210214


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Yoga For Modern Life – Pregnancy & Fertility Yoga

Friendly and down to earth pregnancy and yoga classes that give you practical tools to respond positively to the challenges of pregnancy, birth and mother in the modern world. Develop strength, flexibility and breath awareness for pregnancy and birth, whilst also having some time to nurture yourself and connect with your baby at this very special time. Also a great way to meet other mums-to-be in a supportive and friendly environment.

Weekly classes and also available as one to one tuition in my private studio or your own home. Everyone is welcome, and no prior yoga experience is necessary – most women who come have never done any yoga before.

“I found the relaxation at the end surprisingly easy – I thought it might be difficult to switch off but I actually really felt relaxed and was able to clear my mind and focus on my breathing, my body and the baby – it was lovely.”

Weekly classes:
Monday 7.15pm – 8.30pm | Pregnancy Yoga | Manor School Studios, Poppleton
Easy & free parking outside the venue.
Saturdays Afternoon | Fertility Yoga Workshop | Stables Yoga Centre
Next one – Saturday 30th September 2017
Saturday morning. Pregnancy Yoga Workshops – coming soon. A long workshop for women who cannot make weekly classes. 

One to One, private lessons:
Available by appointment at times to suit you, either at my own private studio or in your own home. Private classes enable you to work with specific issues, enjoy yoga at a time that fits in around your schedule, or are perfect for women who want some special extra nurturing in pregnancy to connect mind, body and baby. Private lessons can be pregnancy, post-natal or fertility yoga sessions or birth preparation (I am also a qualified Doula).

T: 07954 238424 (Susan)

WEBSITE Full details of the classes online

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Yogaco Yoga for Pregnancy – The Stables

logo aubergine for stationary“Inspiring. Much more than just a yoga class – there’s birth preparation, friendship and lots of information. The best classes in the area, by a long way.”

Yoga is one of the three forms of prenatal exercise recommended by midwives, the others being walking and swimming.

Our form of yoga has been carefully adapted to meet the needs of pregnant women. It is safe, empowering, deeply supportive and fun. What we do is supported by scientific research and contact with midwives and doulas.

The fee is £8.50 per class, payable half-termly in advance, up to your 38th week.

Booking and pre-payment required for all classes.  You will need to pay in advance to book your place. Once booked in, if you cannot make your class, you can swap to another class that week, or make up your missed class during the batch of classes you have paid for.

10A Nunmill St, York, YO23 1NU

T: 01904 623960


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York NCT Antenatal Classes

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 22.29.10Because NCT has nearly 60 years’ experience in supporting new mums and dads, you can rely on our range of courses to support you through pregnancy, birth and your new life as a parent.

All NCT courses are led by specially trained and experienced practitioners who understand what matters to new mums and dads. And don’t forget, every NCT course gives you the opportunity to meet other parents in your area.

In the NCT Signature antenatal course more than half of the course covers the birth of the baby, plus plenty of time to explore questions, hopes and anxieties in a safe and supportive space. Courses feature information about pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent, with content tailored to the needs of the small group taking part. The courses are usually 18 hours in length and include a dedicated session on breastfeeding and an information pack to take away with you.

Our NCT Essentials antenatal course is our newest course. It’s the shorter and most affordable antenatal course we offer. Every course follows the same, important six themes delivered over six 2-hour sessions. On this course parents will get practical information and emotional support for pregnancy, plus the knowledge and techniques to prepare for the birth of the baby. About half of this course covers important information to help care for the baby.

Everyone is welcome to pay by instalments and we offer discounts for parents in receipt of benefits or on lower incomes. Please request further information from the course organiser when you enquire about your course.

T: 0300 330 0700


Find us on Facebook by searching for the York NCT page, or follow us on Twitter @YorkNct for all the latest news and updates.

Antenatal and Hypnobirthing with Leyla

Full Antenatal Course with York Hypnobirthing (private and group)
* Build confidence and release fear
* Learn how to work with your body to achieve a peaceful birth
* Partners learn how to support during pregnancy and labour
* Learn breathing techniques and visualisations
T: 07917 865219 (Leyla)


BabyNatal Practical Baby Care Antenatal Workshops in York. Providing parents-to-be with the tools to make confident choices about parenting and looking after their newborn baby. Either as part of a group workshop or individually as a couple.

T: 07736 935836 (Katie)

Calm Birth School Classes – Hypnobirthing with Ashley Parker

I am an experienced hypnobirthing practitioner and founder of Miracle in the Making. I am excited to have joined the Calm Birth School family and to be the first to offer the Calm Birth School classes in York.

Courses can be taught privately or in a group setting and I teach simple, but effective tools to encourage relaxation in pregnancy and confidence in your body. The process encourages bonding with your baby and unites you as a couple through practice and preparation.

Please contact us to book your place.

T: 07707 151239

Daisy Birthing

Daisy Birthing classes are an all-encompassing pregnancy and antenatal class, combining yoga-based movement, breathing and relaxation.
The Daisy Foundation: Garforth, Selby and Tadcaster is running 6 week terms in Monk Fryston (near Leeds, York and Selby) and in Tadcaster.

Mindful Breath Birthing

In-depth preparation for a straightforward, calm, positive birth with Sophie Carr: yoga and mindfulness teacher and doula and Hannah Robertson: NCT teacher and doula

T: 07811 950938

Morag White Antenatal

Antenatal Classes with Morag White, qualified, experienced midwife. You can join classes in group sessions or in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
Topics covered include:-
Late pregnancy symptoms
Signs of labour
Coping strategies
How babies are born
When things don’t go to plan
Life after birth.

T: 01904 641402 / 07549 238124

Nurture Natal

Nurture Natal offer combined Antenatal and Hypnobirthing classes to expectant couples.
Courses are taught on weekends by experienced midwives and qualified hypnobirthing practitioners.
Our unique course costs just £115/couple and covers a fully hypnobirthing syllabus alongside everything you would expect from a comprehensive course of antenatal classes.
T: 07773 818557

Peacock Tree Yoga – Pregnancy yoga classes

Peacock Tree pregnancy yoga classes, Acomb
Yoga can help you enjoy your pregnancy by:
* improving sleep
* boosting energy levels
* alleviating swollen joints, heartburn and constipation
* preparing both body and mind for the birth and recovery
* giving you time to connect to your magnificent pregnant body and baby

Mention Mumbler offer: Free Trial class

Regent Buildings, York Rd, York, YO26 4LT

T: 01904 235932 (Lilley)

Pre and Postnatal Pilates Classes

Pre and Postnatal Pilates Classes – with Stott Pilates teacher Claire Maplethorpe Eames.
Knavesmire Children’s Centre  12.15 – 1.15pm Mondays.
Postnatal class: 1.30 – 2.30pm Mondays
Cost: £60 for a 6 week course
Private lessons are available on request on a 1-2-1 or friendship group.

Knavesmire Children’s Centre, Trafalgar street, York. YO23 1HY

T: 07476 055646 (to book your place, contact Claire)

Pilates – Pre & Post Natal Classes

PRE & POST NATAL CLASSES…..Beginners and Babies welcome!
Every Monday @1.30pm – Very good parking facilities. £7 per class, block booking cheaper.

Lidgett Grove Church, off Beckfield Lane, Acomb YO26 5NH

T: 07828 727539 (Sarah)

Selby Birth Choices

8-10pm, first Tuesday of the month
different venues, hosted in people’s homes.
A friendly, welcoming group giving people a place to discuss their rights and wishes for pregnancy and birth.  We discuss women’s rights in pregnancy and birth, and all of her options, from tests in pregnancy to birth place decisions.  We share information, support each other and encourage each other towards a positive birth experience, whether that’s at home or hospital, vaginal birth or caesarean.
T: 07967 569282 (Emma)

Yoga for Pregnancy Class

Every Saturday 10 – 11.30am at York Yoga Studio‬

‪Yoga for pregnancy classes are suitable for pregnant women – from 14 weeks right through to birth. ‬

‪They are an enjoyable way to maintain fitness, prepare for birth, meet new friends and learn more about your changing body and how your baby develops. ‬

‪The poses have been specially adapted to develop strength and increase energy – working with the pregnant body and taking into account the individual needs of each woman.‬

York Yoga Studio, 112 Acomb Road, York YO24 4EY

‪Contact Wendy

T: 01904 264129 / 07977 050745

York & North Yorkshire Hypnobirthing.

Group and Individual Courses running each month.
Taught by Val Readman (retired midwife) who has been teaching hypnobirthing since 2006.

T: 07977 505269