Pregnancy Classes in York including Yoga for Pregnancy, Pilates, Aqua-natal and lots more

“I would never have thought that a yoga class could be so welcoming, friendly and helpful – and the fact it’s been virtual during such a difficult year is totally amazing.” 

Hi, I’m Alison, I’ve been teaching Pregnancy Yoga for 14 years.  Creating connection and community is really important to me and I’m here to support you every step of the way. Yoga helps you enjoy a healthy pregnancy, easing aches and pains and feeling great in your body, with time and space to reflect and prepare. You might be planning a hospital birth, home birth, maximum pain relief, minimal intervention – all are welcome here.   I also offer lovely nourishing post-natal yoga for you and your little one, to support you through your first year.

We can adapt all the practices to suit individual needs, or come and sit, lay down, breathe and be in the company of other mums and mums to be. Everyone is welcome to take what they need.

Why not book a £5 trial week – a Sunday and Wednesday, consecutive classes, via zoom.

Post Natal:

Wednesday, 11am – 12.30pm.


Tuesday, 7.30 – 8.45pm

Wednesday, 5.45-7.15pm

Sunday, 6pm – 7.30pm
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We are proud to specialise in Women’s fitness and wellbeing.

We offer female training programmes to build a strong foundation through a restorative yoga style approach. We help women struggling with leaks, bladder weakness, menopausal changes, abdominal separation and weak tummy muscles, supporting your understanding that you don’t just have to buy pads when there are exercise programmes available. Reconnecting with your feminine power to create a stronger core and pelvic floor can reduce back pain, improve posture and sensation! Start off by signing up for our free 12 day online course to restore your core or book in a consultation call with me.

Reiki Energy Healing can balance and assist the flow of energy through your body to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. You can take advantage of our mini 30 minute appointment if you have never experienced the relaxing warmth of Reiki.

With Chakra Healing and balancing we work specifically with one Chakra, locating and clearing any blockages in this energy flow. Rebalancing your Chakras can help you feel more spiritual, grounded and aligned with your soul purpose. Take your first step to learn more about yourself through a consultation call where we will learn how you feel and how we can best help uncover the root causes that might be causing these blocks, then create your bespoke healing programme.

Spiritual Astrology can help you understand the layers of your personality and can increase self-awareness in where you feel challenged or where your lucky areas are. How the moon might influence you on a monthly basis and which areas of your life it might be influencing at any time. Discovering more about yourself and how others see you and it all starts with finding out your Rising Sign for free with us.

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For Modern Mothers specialises in supporting your journey to and through Motherhood. A specialist in yoga for fertility, pregnancy yoga and yoga for mums and babies. Classes are super friendly, relaxed and down to earth – using yoga as the perfect antidote to the stresses and busyness of pregnancy and motherhood. We also have brilliant complete (and no BS) Complete Antenatal & Hypnobirthing courses, and help mums and baby’s connect through loving touch in Baby Massage classes, and offer support services to those suffering from birth trauma and birth injury too. All this is to help empower women to have a positive and confident pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Everyone is warmly welcomed – regardless of fitness level, age, shape or size. In a busy world take some time to reconnect with yourself, and with your baby.

Pregnancy Yoga
Monday 7.15pm // Poppleton
Tuesdays 7pm // Livestream only
Thursday 6pm // Acomb
Thursday 7.30pm // Acomb

Mum & Baby Yoga
Tuesday 11am // Poppleton
Tuesday 1pm // Poppleton
Thursday 12.30pm // Acomb

Baby Massage
Thursday 2.20pm // Acomb

Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Courses
Run every month, in person, at the weekend

Pregnancy Mini Retreats
Run every few months throughout the year

Slow Sunday Yoga Workshops
On Sundays, run once a month (open to all)

Also available as private sessions: One to one yoga // private and refresher antenatal & hypnobirthing sessions // caesarean birth planning // twin birth planning // fertility support, yoga & coaching // birth trauma and birth injury support // postnatal Doula.

Mention MUMBLERFREE for one class free when booking a full 6 week term of yoga classes.

07954 238 424
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At Haxby Pilates Studio our focus is on Reformer Pilates. The Reformer is an incredibly versatile and effective piece of Pilates equipment which can be used to address virtually every part of the body. It provides an energising workout while improving muscle strength and conditioning, flexibility and coordination.

People find the Reformer a great solution whatever their goals, whether looking to improve mobility, become stronger, rehabilitation from injury or to compliment other sports and activities.

We also run antenatal reformer classes and we are looking to start postnatal classes in the future. Come and join other mums and mums-to-be, and let’s work together to prepare your body for pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

We run classes of upto 5 people for all levels, as well as private sessions. We offer a friendly, engaging experience and believe in working hard but above all having fun.

If you are experienced on the Reformer then simply book a class via the website. If you’re new to the Reformer do get in touch to arrange an introductory session. We’d be delighted to welcome you!

Further information on our classes, timings and instructors James, Marina and Clare can be found on our website.

07710 061510
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MummyFIT is a safe and progressive full body workout incorporating cardiovascular and strength exercises designed to maintain fitness and strength.  MummyFIT sessions are an uplifting workout for mums to be, suitable for all trimesters following your 12 week scan with adaptations made at each stage to ensure that every workout is safe, effective to maintain your fitness throughout your pregnancy.  MummyFIT  focusses on preparing your body for its biggest workout yet and also gives you a taster of MummyFIT workouts for when you return after you have had your baby. The key emphasis in these sessions is fitness maintenance and preparation for birth. 

Our sessions are available online, at York Sport Village and Roko, York

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Experience the perfect balance of relaxation, laughter and exercise – a wonderful way to unwind and stay healthy during your pregnancy.

Our classes are expertly designed to take a holistic approach to an expectant mums’ physical and mental well-being, combining relaxation with cardiovascular exercises to help prepare the body for birth.

Our teachers pass antenatal swimming training that is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives Trust, our own extensive aquanatal training and STA Aquacise/Aquanatal and Antenatal Swimming. This means that you are in the safest possible hands as you work out and relax.

Classes take place in the soothing, comforts of pools, providing one of the safest ways to exercise in pregnancy. The water supports your joints whilst also providing resistance work for all the muscles, strengthening your back and abdominal muscles ready for carrying your baby around!

There’s a science behind it too! Exercise and relaxation release your body’s natural happy hormones, endorphins, which suppress pain and help you (and baby) feel calm – not only helpful in later pregnancy, but also really important during and after birth.

Classes are booked in 6 week blocks and take place at the Roko Health Club on Wednesdays at 7:00pm.

07825 269146
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Pilates is a simple, effective form of exercise for any stage of life, including during your pregnancy.  Our classes aim to keep you moving throughout your pregnancy and help you to feel strong and capable ahead of giving birth.  You will:
– Learn to use your breathing to your advantage– Learn to appreciate your own strength and resilience– Strengthen your pelvic floor (without doing loads of boring kegels!)–  Improve your posture and avoid back pain– Ease some of the common discomforts of pregnancy (e.g. calf cramps, restless legs)– Move your body in a safe and beneficial way
Our prenatal classes take place on Thursdays at 7pm in our beautiful city centre studio – just opposite York Dungeons
Our postnatal classes are designed with you and your body in mind, and of course your baby is very welcome too.  We often find that the babies enjoy spending time on the mat with you, and perhaps allow you to do some exercise whilst you’re there!  The classes provide a gentle re-introduction to exercise, targeting the muscles that often suffer most when feeding and carrying babies, and helping you to rebuild core strength.
Our post-natal classes take place on Fridays at 10:30am at Clements Hall

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Anna Winstanley Physiotherapy

Chartered and HCPC-registered Physiotherapist and qualified Pilates instructor. Passionate about womens health from pregnancy through to post-menopause, I offer a holistic, evidence-informed approach to managing common peri-natal conditions including: back pain, pelvic girdle pain, joint pains, abdominal muscle separation, continence concerns.

T: 07980 306823

Emma Claire Physiotherapy

Emma Tailby is a specialist Pelvic Floor and Women’s Health Physiotherapist with a passion for providing evidence based, bespoke care for women of all ages. Assessing and treating all pregnancy and postnatal issues from pelvic girdle pain to abdominal muscle separation. Postnatal Mummy checks along with treating pelvic pain, pelvic floor issues and more.

T: 07749112502



My Yoga Journey

Yoga for pregnancy classes are suitable for pregnant women – from 14 weeks, right through to birth. ‬ We offer one-to-one classes in your own home, helping you to prepare for birth, connect with your body and enjoy this precious time. Check our website for more information.

T: 01904 264129 (Wendy)

Perfecting Pilates

Perfecting Pilates is still doing online recoded classes with over 450 uploads, first week free.
Classes and 1:1 in person, free trial class, booking is essential.
Classes are:-

Monday:- 6.15&7.15 pm Acomb parish church hall, Front at Acomb

Wednesday:- Foxwood community centre 9.30&10.30am

Wednesday Evening:- St. Edwards confessor church, Tadcaster road 6.15 Beginners and 7.15pm Intermediate/Advanced

Mention Mumbler for 50% off your 1st Month

T: 07828 727539

Rebalance Studios

Calling busy mums looking to improve their health, wellbeing and get fitter. We offer small, more personal Mummy Fitness and Post natal Pilates classes every Monday. Tuesday and Friday 11.15-12.00pm. 45 minute classes where you bring your baby classes especially for mums and their little ones. Taught by post natal specialists Lucy and Katie you will work hard, have a great workout and your little one will enjoy being in a fun environment around other children. Pay as you go or a lol they pass available.

Mention Mumbler for your first session free of our Mum & Baby/Toddler Sessions.

5 Devonshire Court, York, YO24 3HD

T: 07874 872722 (Lucy)

Stables Yoga Centre

A sanctuary for the practice of yoga, pilates and mindfulness meditation.  Our two beautiful loft studios are flooded with natural light, made cosy with underfloor heating, and fully equipped for all things yoga. We are open for in-person session and they are all live-streamed on zoom too.

10a Nunmill St, York, YO23 1NU

T: 01904 623960

Tamsin Yoga – Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga

These Classes are a fantastic place to come and enjoy a good stretch with some flowing Yoga movements.
Central Methodist Church Hall, New-room, St Saviourgate, York city centre

T: 07748851063

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The Daisy Foundation – Antenatal Baby Classes

The Daisy Foundation offers a range of antenatal and baby classes. The range of antenatal classes and baby classes offered includes birth preparation, active birth, parentcraft, baby massage and baby sensory.

Tel or Text: 07743232656 for more details