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6 Free Copies of The Week Junior Magazine

Mumbler have recently partnered up with The Week Junior magazine, and we couldn’t be happier to tell you all about it. HQ Mumbler have actually been buying the magazine themselves for about 5 months & they absolutely love it. It’s an award-winning magazine, aimed at children aged 8-14 years old. Here’s what they think!!

The Week Junior delivers news, information & current affairs to kids in a way that they understand, but without scaring (or patronising) them. It is read by over 90,000 families each week. Each edition is a round-up of what’s been going on in the world & is packed with news and events as well as nature, science, history, books, sport, technology, films, recipes, puzzles, quizzes, ideas on things to make and do and more. it’s written in a way to help kids that age engage & understand and it covers all of the main news events but also less mainstream stories, that they might not otherwise hear about.

We originally subscribed for my eldest daughter, she is 11 years old. She loves that fact that the magazine gets delivered addressed especially to her each Friday (without any plastic wrapping- she’s well-aware of environmental issues!) and she devours each issue cover to cover.

My youngest daughter isn’t a great reader (she’s dyslexic) but she loves The Week Junior as well- each week she snatches her sisters copy without fail. She has a good flick through as she finds the imagery & photography incredibly appealing. Her favourite pages are the “Photos of the Week” As a parent, I love that The Week Junior is so visually appealing that it actually encourages a dyslexic reluctant reader to pick it up & have a browse!

Rather than review The Week Junior myself, I thought I’d let my daughter Tilly (11 years) tell you about it in her own words.

“I have been getting The Week Junior for about 17 weeks now and it has been my favourite way to stay informed throughout the whole of lockdown. Even before lockdown I read the Week Junior at my school. Me & my class mates would always try & find it first because we love to read all the exciting stories going on around the world.

My favourite issue so far was probably the one about the 75th anniversary of VE day. I loved to learn about what people did to celebrate the end of the war in Europe on VE day.

I like the way that the magazine explains the stories that I heard on the news, but in a way that I understand. I also like the science bits- the magazine told us about the Space X rocket (although we didn’t manage to see it on the night!) and it tells me all about nature and what good news stories are going on such as rare birds nesting & the Big Butterfly count”

The magazine is really well read in the Mumbler house. Once the kids are in bed, I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a read as well (it was invaluable for setting ”pub quiz” current affairs for zoom quizzes during lockdown!) We are thrilled to give it our Mumbler stamp of approval & to thoroughly recommend that you give it a go.

It’s a no-brainer at the moment as The Week Junior is absolutely FREE for the first 6 issues. After this free trial, you’ll pay just £25.99 every 13 issues – saving 20% every week

As well as this, for a limited time, you’ll also get a £5 Book Voucher to use at Scholastic as a welcome gift when you subscribe – perfect to join in their Summer of Reading challenge (minimum spend £20)

Click HERE to go to their website and find out more or order your 6 free copies.

Mumbler Product Review – Little Tummy Organic Baby Meals

Mumbler Reviews: Morse Toad!

We’ve recently teamed up with the fantastic Morse Toad who produce a wonderful array of personalised chocolate gifts, ideal for Fathers day or anyones birthday or special occasion.  It’s a really simple process to order,- choose the product you want to send, select an image from their gallery, or upload your own. You can also write a personalised card (or leave it blank if you’re a secret admirer!), and – finally – add your personalised chocolate message. Then, select when you’d like your chocolate gifts online order delivered (right away or in time for an occasion), and hit ‘order’. Their gifts are letterbox friendly, so the recipient will come home to the gift on their doorstep. Even if they’re out during delivery (because no one likes to have to go and collect a parcel!).

And if that isn’t enough they’re also offering new customers £5 off their first order (if you spend more than £15).  It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it – so I decided to check them out for myself just to make sure these chocolate gifts were up to our Mumbler standards!  And guess what – they’ve got the Mumbler seal of approval (phew!).

The website is really easy to use, their main product is the Personalised Photo Chocolate Gift which starts from £10.25.  They also do personalised Hamper gifts and biscuit gifts too.  You can order them and personalise them for any occasion!  They’ve got a great array of Father’s Day gifts – so we went for those.

I ordered “The Fathers Day Chocolates” – which had 22 chocolates, a personalised message plus my own photo that I uploaded. The cost for all of this was £12.00.  Without adding the personalised photo it’s £10.25 (they have their own generic images you can choose from)  personally, I definitely think its worth the extra to pay for printing your own photo.    You can make your chocolate messages longer – and prices go up accordingly.  We went for the 22 chocolate message I LOVE YOU DADDY with a few hearts thrown in.

Ordering was really simple – I uploaded a photo I’d taken from my phone – a warning message came up to say the image was small so might not come up great (or words to that effect!) but I just pressed OK as I wasn’t really sure where i’d get a bigger photo image from.

The whole process was really simple and the cost of posting and packaging are added at the end of checkout.  They’re delivered via Royal Mail.  It does state on their website that due to the current situation most orders are taking 2-5 days but may take longer.  So if you are ordering for Father’s Day please do so as quickly as possible to make sure they arrive in time.  That said, I placed my order on Thursday afternoon and they arrived on the following Monday morning.

The packaging is lovely – and fits through the letter box.  And guess what – the photo was absolutely perfect!  It’s a lovely gift, something we can EAT and KEEP!  You can literally have your cake and eat it!  The box they come in can then be hung on the wall.  Its great – you’ve also got the option to add a wooden frame to your gift if you want when you’re ordering – we didn’t, but you can still hang the photo no problem.

So now on to the important stuff…  The chocolate!  I’m not afraid to say I’m a bit of a chocolate snob, I lived in America for a while so I know bad chocolate when I taste it.  And I’m very happy to report that this is not bad chocolate -it was delicious!  In fact between me, Dad and our daughter I think we made quick work of eating all those 22 chocolates – they were SO moorish!  So if you are tempted to order them – don’t make my mistake – I’d recommend that you go for the 33 or 44 chocolate options!  They use top quality Belgian milk chocolate – and you get a really good old chunk for every piece!

If that isn’t enough to make you go out and order them straight away – then surely the fact that there is zero waste will!  The empty box is now a lovely keep sake for the husband – a nice picture of him and our daughter hanging up in his study!

To order your gift now and receive £5 off your first order please click here.

Pretty’s Sweets – A Mumbler Review

When York Mumbler Holly was asked if she would like to receive a box of Pretty’s Sweet treats in the post to trial her eyes lit up, I knew she would be the right Mumbler for this tasty review.

It was a sunny Saturday morning when the postman knocked on the door to deliver a very exciting parcel. I had told the children that we were expecting a special delivery and they were bursting with excitement to find out what it was. When they eventually managed to rip off the packaging we uncovered a smart box with a beautiful rainbow ribbon and a label that read ‘Pretty’s Sweets’.

We opened the box to find a vast array of Halloween themed sweets and marshmallows displayed beautifully with branded tissue paper and cute business card that told the story of this entrepreneur. The kids dove straight in and all four of us enjoyed a sugar rush as we tried out the pumpkins, witch faces, vampire teeth, bones and ghosts!

Pretty’s Sweets is a brand new sweet and fudge delivery service that was set up during lockdown to help lift peoples spirits. Pretty’s sweet boxes are fun and creatively themed to raise a smile and include packs such as ‘Shizzle Ma Fizzle’, ‘The Rainbow Edit’ and ‘Pretty in Pink’. She also offers boxes for vegetarians, gluten free and a bespoke ‘create your own’ box. Pretty also creates beautifully wrapped letter gift boxes for special occasions.

As well as ordering Pertty’s sweets and fudge as a one off treat for friends and family (or yourself!) you can also sign up to her subscription service and have sweets delivered to your door once a month for 3 months, 6 months or why not go for a whole year of sweet deliveries – YUM!

Other information: Products may contain gluten, dairy and gelatine.





York Mumbler were sent a box of complimentary sweets in return for a review of the Pretty’s Sweets service.